Workbook and Lab Manual for Sonography: Introduction to Normal Structure and Function 5th Edition

Review important sonography learnings with Curry and Prince’s Workbook for Sonography: Introduction to Normal Structure and Function, 5th Edition. This well-constructed review tool supports and completes the main text by providing an excellent introduction to sonography while preparing users to accurately identify sonographic pathology and abnormalities. Each workbook chapter opens with review questions on material from the corresponding chapter in the main text. Review questions are followed by drawings from the text ― with parallel sonograms where appropriate ― that include leader lines to label structures, but not the labels themselves. Workbook users will fill in the labels to identify structures in the drawings and sonograms, reinforcing visual and auditory learning from the text. Answers can be looked up in both the workbook appendix and by comparing the workbook figures to the labeled figures in the main text.

Unlabeled line drawings and images from every chapter provide reinforcement of what you should be noticing on the scan.
Direct correlation with each chapter from the main text enables immediate, thorough review of material.
Review questions test your knowledge of the information learned in the text.
NEW! Chapter on musculoskeletal sonography covers the latest use of ultrasound technology to visualize muscle, tendon, and ligament anatomy.
NEW! Chapter devoted to pediatric sonography introduces you to the knowledge needed to work in this nascent specialty.
NEW! Coverage of 5D technology familiarizes you with automated volume scanning.
NEW! Updated content reflects the latest ARDMS standards and AIUM guidelines.
NEW! Updated line drawings accompany new sonograms.


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