Nov 272020

Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE(R) Medical Histology and Embryology is the choice of medical students…

…The major test-prep resources do not focus on these subjects in detail. A question bank…would be beneficial to those who struggle with these as an additional resource for studying … – Ethan Young (Fourth-year medical student, University of South Dakota, Sanford School of Medicine)

I especially like the clinical focus of the questions, which are “two layers” deep instead of straight recall. – Deborah Chen (Third-year medical student, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School)

Well thought out and also extremely well written. … an effective tool for students both in learning the material initially and also in reviewing it for the USMLE. – Roger A. Dashner, MS, PhD (Clinical Anatomist and CEO, Advanced Anatomical Services)

Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE(R) Medical Histology and Embryology fills a void in available board prep materials in its combination of histology and embryology. Consistently organized sections cover everything from microstructures of basic tissue and body systems to the development of all major body systems.

Key Highlights
Nearly 600 USMLE(R)-style multiple choice questions and detailed explanations, classified by organ system and difficulty level
Questions begin with a clinical vignette and approximately 20% are image-based, mirroring the USMLE-format
The only resource containing correct proportions of light and electron micrographs for histology, consistent with USMLE(R) testing standards

This essential resource will help you assess your knowledge and fully prepare for board examinations.


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