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The 48th edition of the leading clinical reference on treatment of infectious diseases and anti-infective drug information will be released in late winter or early spring. Helpful in day-to-day practice and as a component of your organization’s antimicrobial stewardship program, the Sanford Guide provides valuable guidance in the age of antibiotic resistance. Popular with physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians, the Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy provides information that is convenient, concise, and reliable.

Available in print in pocket size, spiral bound and large library editions.

Coverage includes:

Clinical syndromes
Anti-infective agents
pediatric adjustments
renal adjustments
adverse affects
Preventative therapy

What’s new in 2018:
Table 1: meningitis, otitis media, diarrhea, cystitis, UTIs, endocarditis, CAP/HAP/VAP, SBP, appendicitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, bites, oroya fever/verruga peruna, necrotizing fasciitis, septic shock, thrombophlebitis, botulism
Table 2: resistant bacteria, including GNB
Table 3: duration of therapy updated throughout
Table 4: organism coverage expanded, drugs added (new and old)
Table 5B: complete update
Table 9A: recent drugs added
Table 10A: recent drugs added, e.g., mero-vabor, delaflox, pip-tazo dosing updated, colistin dosing updated, including inhalation (10F)
Table 11: Isavuconazole indications and dosing
Table 13: giardia, leishmaniasis, microsporidiosis, malaria, trematodes, cestodes; antiparasitic drug updates (13B, 13D)
Table 14A: MERS, enterovirus, HSV aseptic meningitis, influenza
Table 14B: new HCV, CMV drugs
Table 14C: new ARV drugs
Table 14F: updated HCV treatment regimens and recommendations
Table 15A: post-splenectomy bacteremia, asplenia, sickle cell disease
Table 15B: colorectal, OB-Gyn, ophthalmic and general comments
Table 16: added peds dosing for additional antibacterials, ARVs, antivirals
Table 17: renal adjustments for ceftaz-avi, mero-vabor, delaflox
Table 17C: updated obesity dose adjustments
Table 17D: NEW list of antibacterials with no need to adjust dose for obesity
Table 19: comprehensive update to treatment of CAPD peritonitis
Table 22: added recent drugs



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