The Clinician’s Guide to Liver Disease (The Clinician’s Guide to GI Series)

The Clinician’s Guide to Liver Disease is a user-friendly quick reference for the management of acute and chronic liver disease for the gastroenterologist.
Drs. K. Rajender Reddy and Thomas Faust provide a broad overview of all clinically relevant topics in the realm of liver disease, ranging from evaluation of the liver patient to liver transplantation.  Many of today’s leading gastroenterology professionals have contributed their expertise to The Clinician’s Guide to Liver Disease, allowing the reader to quickly develop an individualized care plan.
Part of The Clinician’s Guide to GI Series, this essential text perfectly compliments the standard resources on liver disease. The user-friendly outline format allows for quick access to the topic at hand.
With valuable case studies at the end of each chapter, as well as algorithms, tables, and figures, The Clinician’s Guide to Liver Disease is an up-to-date and ideal text for all gastroenterologists, hepatologists, primary care physicians, gastroenterology fellows, medical residents, and medical students.
Chapter Topics Include:

Acute and chronic viral hepatitis Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Autoimmune hepatitis Cholestatic liver diseases (PBC and PSC) Drug hepatoxicity Metabolic liver disease Liver disorders in pregnancy Liver transplantation

The Clinician’s Guide to GI Series:
The exciting new series, the Clinician’s Guide to GI Series, is the answer for which today’s medical professionals who are managing patients with varying GI disorders have been waiting. As each patient requires a specific care plan, books that are concise, comprehensive, and reader-friendly are priceless for the office.
Each specialized book included in the Clinician’s Guide to GI Series provides the answer to establishing and managing the individualized care plan for each patient. Covering topics such as IBD, oncology, and pancreaticobiliary disorders, this essential series of books will allow the reader to quickly develop an individualized care plan based upon the recommendations of leading professionals in the field.
Written with a similar reader-friendly format and including images, tables, and algorithms, each book in the series will serve as a solid, go-to reference for the practicing gastroenterologist, fellow, medical student, internist, and family practitioner.
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