Postgraduate Paediatric Orthopaedics: The Candidate’s Guide to the FRCS (Tr and Orth) Examination 1st Edition

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Dec 182020

The latest book in the Postgraduate Orthopaedics series brings together the information that every trainee needs to know when faced with paediatric cases in their clinical practice and the FRCS (Tr and Orth) examination. The content is organised according to body regions, with step-by-step guides to common paediatric orthopaedic operations. Practice examination questions help readers test their own understanding, and many clinical photographs, charts and radiographs are included to explain important concepts. The concise, evidence-based chapters are written by practising paediatric orthopaedic surgeons to reflect the core knowledge expected of a newly appointed consultant – the set standard and reference criteria for passing the FRCS (Tr and Orth) – maximising the chances of examination success. This is the essential revision guide for the paediatric component of the FRCS (Tr and Orth), as well as the European Board of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, FRACS (Orth), FRCSC (Orth) and the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery examinations.


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Irritability in Pediatric Psychopathology 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

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Dec 162020

Pediatric irritability, defined as increased proneness to anger relative to peers, is among the most common reasons for mental health referrals. The past fifteen years have witnessed a dramatic rise in the empirical study of pediatric irritability with the goal of developing more effective methods of assessing and treating these impaired youth.

Irritability in Pediatric Psychopathology offers a comprehensive overview of this work, approaching the topic from multiple perspectives and disciplines including child psychiatry, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, and neuroscience. Offering five sections composed of chapters written by international experts, the book begins be defining pediatric irritability, reviewing its prevalence, current assessment methods, and novel behavioral and psychophysiological indicators. The second section reviews the literature on the development of pediatric irritability from preschool age through adolescence and young adulthood. The third section summarizes the current evidence for genetic and neurobiological factors contributing to pediatric irritability, while the fourth reviews its presentation transdiagnostically across mood and anxiety disorders, disruptive behavior disorders, and autism. Finally, the book concludes with a presentation of evidence-based psychological and pharmacological interventions. Irritability in Pediatric Psychopathology is an essential resource for researchers, clinicians, and trainees working with children and adolescents.


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Pediatrics Examination and Board Review

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Dec 112020

An Engagingly Written, Case-Based Review for the Pediatrics Board Exam

McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review: Pediatrics is the perfect resource to help you prepare for the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) certification or recertification examination. Written in a refreshing conversational tone, this unique review utilizes a case-based presentation that includes questions, answers, and discussion. Numerous tables, figures, and photographs encapsulate important information and make it easier for readers to study and remember. The content is weighted to match the board exam – so you can focus on what you really need to know for the highest score possible.

  • The 35 chapters in the book correspond to the 35 sections of the ABP content specifications
  • Each chapter is written by specialists in the topic
  • Comprehensive final exam appears at the end of the book
  • Great as clinical refresher
  • Each question is referenced to chapter content for more in-depth study


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On Call Pediatrics: On Call Series (4th Edition)

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Dec 112020

Ideal for any on-call professional, resident, or medical student, this popular reference covers the common problems you’ll encounter while on call without direct supervision in the hospital. On Call Pediatrics, 4th Edition, fits perfectly in your pocket, ready to provide key information in time-sensitive, challenging situations. You’ll gain speed, skill, and knowledge with every call – from diagnosing a difficult or life-threatening situation to prescribing the right medication.

  • Features a logical, highly templated format so you can locate key information quickly.
  • Reviews the indications for, and complications of, common neurodiagnostic tests.
  • Delivers consistent, easy-to-follow coverage of the most common on-call problems and approaches, including what to do from the initial phone call, questions you should ask to assess the urgency of each situation, “Elevator Thoughts,” how to immediately identify major threats to life, what to do at the bedside, and how to avoid common mistakes for every call.
  • Provides updated content and references, as well as an up-to-date drug formulary, keeping you on the cutting edge of current, evidence-based information.


“Overall, this is a helpful, quick resource for senior medical students and junior residents. The consistency in the structure across chapters and succinct language makes this a great and unique resource. The updated edition has an important addition, tackling the new challenges with shift work in medicine.” Reviewed by Daphne L Vander Roest, MD (University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine)


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First Aid for the Pediatrics Clerkship (4th Edition)

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Dec 112020


•Hundreds of high-yield facts cover everything you need to excel on the boards and wards

•Detailed how-to-succeed and what-to-study guidance from students who aced the boards

•Integrated minicases highlight frequently tested scenarios and common patient presentations

•Mnemonics, tables, and illustrations help you remember key concepts

•Exam and Ward tips help you stand out on the wards and ace the shelf exam

•Classifieds highlight extra-curricular opportunities and scholarships

•Rich new full-color presentation


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BNF for Children 2020-2021

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Dec 112020

Trusted by healthcare professionals across the world to support confident decision-making at the point of care.  The new edition provides up-to-date guidance on prescribing, dispensing, and administering medicines to children, plus legal and professional guidelines.

Recommendations in the BNF for Children have been constructed on the basis of authoritative sources, emerging evidence, best practice guidelines and advice from a network of paediatric experts. The process is overseen by a paediatric formulary committee.


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Caffey’s Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging (12th Edition)

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Dec 102020

Since 1945, radiologists have turned to Caffey’s Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging for the most comprehensive coverage and unparalleled guidance in all areas of pediatric radiology. Continuing this tradition of excellence, the completely revised 12th edition – now more concise yet still complete – focuses on the core issues you need to understand new protocols and sequences, and know what techniques are most appropriate for given clinical situations. “This text will obviously be of great interest not only to radiologists, also to those who work with children including all pediatric specialties. It is also extremely useful in countries with resource poor setting where there is shortage of well-trained radiologists in pediatric specialties.” Reviewed by: Yangon Children Hospital on behalf of the Journal of the European Paediatric Neurology Society, January 2014

“This is a thoroughly up-to-date text, divided into manageable topics, at a very reasonable price and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who needs updating in the field of paediatrics or paediatric imaging.” RAD, February 2014

  • Determine the best modality for each patient with state-of-the art discussions of the latest pediatric imaging techniques.
  • Quickly grasp the fundamentals you need to know through a more precise, streamlined format, reorganized by systems and disease processes, as well as “Teaching Boxes” that highlight key points in each chapter.
  • Apply all the latest pediatric advances in clinical fetal neonatology techniques, technology, and pharmacology.
  • Achieve accurate diagnoses as safely as possible. Increased coverage of MRI findings and newer imaging techniques for all organ systems emphasizes imaging examination appropriateness and safety.
  • Reap the fullest benefit from the latest neuroimaging techniques including diffusion tensor imaging, fMRI, and susceptibility weighted imaging.
  • Keep current with the latest pediatric radiological knowledge and evidence-based practices. Comprehensive updates throughout include new and revised chapters on prenatal imaging; newer anatomic and functional imaging techniques (including advances in cardiac imaging); disease classifications and insights into imaging disease processes; and advanced imaging topics in neurological, thoracoabdominal, and musculoskeletal imaging.
  • Compare your findings to more than 10,000 high-quality radiology images.
  • Access the full text online at Expert Consult including illustrations, videos, and bonus online-only pediatric imaging content.


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Essential Clinical Handbook for Common Paediatric Cases

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Dec 102020

This book is a guide to clinical paediatrics designed for applied use on real children. The chapters are based on clinical presentations and the content is designed to be practical. It has been written by someone who has extensive experience of children in a General Practice setting and is also a qualified paediatrician and paediatric emergency physician. From sore throats to sepsis and croup to constipation, this book will guide you through the key features, red flags and recommended management. Each condition also comes with a guide to the common pitfalls and a framework for safety-netting and explanation. Would you like a definitive guide on how to manage commonly encountered paediatric cases either in primary or secondary care? The children who make paediatrics so fun, can also make it more than a little daunting for even the most confident person. This book will help!


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Pediatric Board Recertification Review

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Dec 042020

This review book will help practicing pediatricians prepare for the pediatric recertification examination that they must pass every seven years. Each chapter contains a detailed review of topics followed by questions. There are approximately 1,000 questions. This book is sharply focused, with the singular objective of preparing the busy physician to pass the exam on the first try. CME credit will also be available. Along with the text is a companion Website with an interactive question-and-answer test bank to provide additional review.
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Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery, 2nd Edition

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Dec 032020

This fully revised and updated second edition of Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery, edited by internationally renowned pediatric neurosurgeons and epilepsy surgery experts Oğuz Çataltepe and George Jallo, fills a void in the literature, encompassing the full spectrum of topics related to the surgical treatment of intractable epilepsy and seizures in children. The prodigiously illustrated book and its accompanying videos feature contributions from distinguished specialists in several different countries across a wide range of disciplines.


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