Ophthalmology Review : A Case-Study Approach, Second Edition

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Nov 022019

Ophthalmology Review: A Case-Study Approach, Second Edition by renowned experts Kuldev Singh, William Smiddy, and Andrew Lee is a practical, case-based reference covering a wide array of common to serious ophthalmic conditions encountered in daily practice. The new edition reflects significant advances in ophthalmologic surgery and additional quick-reference material. The focus is on patient management problems and how to handle them and optimally manage the patient. A cadre of esteemed contributors discuss diagnostic methods, evaluation, contraindications, and patient management issues for a full spectrum of clinical disorders, with significant clinical pearls gleaned from hands-on expertise.

A full spectrum of subspecialties are reflected in nearly 100 ophthalmology cases presented in 11 sections, encompassing the cornea and external disease, lens, glaucoma, retina, uveitis, tumors, posterior segment complications, ocular trauma, neuro-ophthalmology, pediatrics, and oculoplastic surgery. Each succinct case walks readers step by step through patient history, the examination, differential diagnoses, test interpretation, definitive diagnosis, medical and/or surgical management, rehabilitation, and follow up, with handy key point summaries.

Key Features

– Hundreds of tables, full-color images, and line drawings enhance clinical understanding
– Presents patient management problems, focusing on diagnosis, problem-solving, and treatment
– Disorders of the retina such as diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein and artery occlusion, AMD, myopic degeneration, chorioretinopathy, vitreous hemorrhage, and retinitis pigmentosa
– Neuro-ophthalmologic conditions including optic neuritis, various types of nerve palsy, internuclear ophthalmoplegia, and anisocoria
– Pediatric eye conditions — from leukocoria and torticollis — to optic nerve hypoplasia

This is an essential exam review resource for ophthalmology residents… Its systematic approach provides an ideal teaching tool for ophthalmologists to use in courses and grand rounds.





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Functional Ophthalmic Disorders: Ocular Malingering and Visual Hysteria

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Oct 132019

This is a practical manual for diagnostic testing, focusing on the historical and contemporary research on functional disorders in general, and functional visual disorders in particular. Functional Ophthalmic Disorders: Ocular Malingering and Visual Hysteria is a how-to manual that is written for the practicing ophthalmologist and optometrist, complete with color photos that allow the reader to see pictures of select diseases. In addition to the photos, videos are provided online to illustrate the various tests and possible results conducted on a mock patient to assist in the differential diagnosis. Written and edited by leaders in the field, some of the topics covered include history of functional disorders, ophthalmologic examination in malingering and techniques and tests for functional and simulated defects.





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Ophthalmology and the Ageing Society

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Oct 052019

The ageing of the world’s population is one of the major achievements of modern society. By 2050, an estimated 2 billion people will be aged 60 years or over. However, ageing poses major challenges and this is especially true for the field of ophthalmology, given that the major eye diseases – age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataract – predominantly affect the elderly. The challenges facing ophthalmology in an ageing society have not previously been addressed in a comprehensive way, although there are common denominators of the various eye diseases that affect the elderly. This book provides such a comprehensive overview encompassing epidemiology, risk factors, current treatment and prophylaxis, disability, co-morbidity, and the impact on quality of life. World leaders in their respective fields provide state-of-the-art knowledge on the geriatric aspects of ophthalmology that will help to improve the management of this growing patient population.
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The Ophthalmology Examinations Review (Second Edition)

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Jun 202018

Many new treatments and diagnostic procedures in ophthalmology have been refined or newly developed during the past four years, a new edition reflecting these changes is most timely.

The scope and aim of the book will be consistent with the first edition, which provides a broad review of the specialist ophthalmology examinations for final year ophthalmology residents and trainees. The book deals primarily with key facts and topics that are important from the examination perspective. Only information and facts that are considered relevant and critical to the exams are covered, with topics that may be of scientific interest, but are not commonly tested in exams, specifically left out. Time-challenged readers will also benefit from the knowledge acquired from various other sources or textbooks that are now organized and synthesized in this book. While not meant to replace the standard textbooks, enough information is contained within the book to serve as the main revision text nearer the exams.

The style and format of this book is intentionally didactic, with questions and short answers. The answer includes a "model opening statement," followed first by a classification system to aid organization of facts, and then the core explanation in concise short notes. "Exam Tips" are inserted to provide an insight into techniques of answering different types of questions and when appropriate, a "Clinical Approach" section is also included.

In the new edition, topics such as new understanding of disease mechanisms (e.g., genetics of eye diseases), new investigations (e.g., OCT), and novel procedures and treatment (e.g., the use of antivascular endothelial growth factors, new refractive surgical techniques) are covered.

This book will be a valuable guide to the final year ophthalmology residents and trainees taking the specialist ophthalmology examinations

Editorial Reviews


“It is an excellent review for the ophthalmologist studying for the board examinations. It is well organized, simple and direct … and should be used by clinicians in training long before the eleventh hour.”
— Archives of Ophthalmology

“… it is ideally suited for any candidate taking basic qualifying tests in ophthalmology anywhere in the English speaking world … It is quite a remarkable and comprehensive fund of information and must surely contain every question ever put by any examiner in an oral/viva examination and also covers all the published syllabuses both for basic sciences and clinical components of our examinations … Trainees, therefore, might consider the use of this book as a reasonable guarantee for success in the examinations mentioned provided preliminary reading has been completed. It could also be of assistance to harassed examiners in drawing up suitable lists of topics for viva examinations and, in addition, assist them in the difficult task of setting and checking MCQ papers.”— The Surgeon

“Unique in its format, this review is both intentionally didactic and repetitive and focuses on most commonly addressed examination subjects … Each topic is introduced in question format and the key learning points then summarized succinctly. This style of presentation is unique and particularly useful to those preparing for oral examinations, as it clearly breaks down general questions for easy and organized responses. Additionally, the margins contain several examination tips, which may be useful in studying for written and particularly oral examinations … Overall, the format and organization of this review book sets it apart from others. Despite potential differences between the American and British training and examinations, this review may be useful as an adjunctive study guide in preparation for the American boards or the OKAP.”— American Journal of Ophthalmology

“Granted this book is addressed primarily to those who take the British style examinations but it could be easily used by trainees in countries where exams are slightly different … Overall, Dr Wong includes an enormous amount of information in just over 400 pages, and has done so in an attractive way. The book is easy to read with outline forms and lots of highlighted information in box or table presentations.”— British Journal of Ophthalmology



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Neuro-Ophthalmology Review Manual, 7th edition

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May 122018

More than 30 years ago, Neuro-Ophthalmology Review Manual, presented a unique and user-friendly approach to address clinical neuro-ophthalmology principles used in everyday practice. The new Seventh Edition continues that tradition, providing a timely update, while also maintaining the same user-friendly and concise format.

Lanning B. Kline, MD and Rod Foroozan, MD are joined by seven contributors on this Seventh Edition who have organized the book to provide the essential key information on neuro-ophthalmic disorders. The inclusion of over 130 illustrations and 29 tables allows for a user-friendly format and quick access to valuable information.

The Seventh Edition provides a timely and comprehensive update to the current information, effective exercises, and case studies, as well as the addition of a chapter on neuroimaging.

Neuro-Ophthalmology Review Manual, Seventh Edition is a succinct text for all practitioners and residents in ophthalmology, neurology, and neurosurgery. A popular choice among colleagues for more than 30 years, this a must have resource in neuro-ophthalmology

Reviews from the past edition:
“For the doctor who sees the occasional neuro-ophthalmology patient, this book should be an excellent resource. Residents should read this book, because they can learn the subject material. The book could also be an excellent resource on a general practitioner’s shelf, because it is concise and easy to use.”
-William V. Good, Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San Francisco, California, Optometry and Vision Science

“Overall, this is a very good introductory textbook for residents in ophthalmology and neurology and can be used as a quick reference book by practitioners in either discipline. It is still the best-sized review book available on the topic for residents preparing for their in-training exams and will continue to be a popular choice for this purpose.”
-Nurhan Torun, MD, FRCSC, Canadian Journal of Ophthalomogy





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Practical Ophthalmology: A Manual for Beginning Residents – 7th Edition (2017 Release)

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Mar 242018

Ophthalmology residents are faced with learning a highly complex subspecialty; proper training and education are critical to their success. This new edition of Practical Ophthalmology is part of a suite of Academy textbooks for ophthalmology residents and trainees that will help them build a solid foundation of clinical and surgical knowledge. They are written and edited by leading residency program directors and are powerful tools for mastering needed skills.This updated essential text helps ophthalmology residents gain confidence while becoming a skilled practitioner. Highlights include coverage of a thorough ophthalmic examination, discussion of ophthalmic emergencies and common ocular medications. Stepwise instructions for 57 specific examination and testing techniques are available for quick access. The “Pitfalls and Pointers” sections present tips for avoiding or resolving common problems.



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Self Assessment and Review of Ophthalmology (PGMEE) – 2017 Release

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Jan 162018



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Review Questions in Ophthalmology, Third Edition

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Mar 282017



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Management of Complications in Ophthalmic Surgery

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Jan 312017

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Eyelid Tumours: Clinical Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment, 2 edition

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Jan 302017

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