Intensive Review of Nephrology 2019 (Harvard Medical School)

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May 042020

Explore the most challenging clinical problems in renal medicine with this comprehensive review of vital nephrology topics. Ideal for MOC.

Explore Vital Topics in Nephrology

Intensive Review of Nephrology is a case-based, comprehensive look at new developments and updates in the field. Led by renowned nephrologists, lecturers shed light on state-of-the-art practices, clinical challenges, and a wide array of topics, including membranous nephropathy, acidosis, alkalosis, genetics and kidney disease, pediatric nephrology, acute kidney injury syndromes, geriatric nephrology, and more. This CME program will help you to better:

  • Summarize currently recommended nephrology guidelines
  • Explain the differential diagnosis of complex clinical presentations of renal disorders
  • Incorporate current therapeutic options for specific renal disorders
  • Interpret up-to-date literature relevant to clinical practice
  • Describe pathophysiological mechanisms for renal disease management
  • Prepare for ABIM Nephrology certification/recertification examinations

The Comprehensive Clinical Update and Board Review

Intensive Review of Nephrology will be held online this year, using live streaming, electronic Q&A, and other remote learning technologies. 


With over 70 interactive lectures, case discussions, and board preparation sessions, this CME program provides a comprehensive review of state-of-the-art nephrology practices offered by the clinical faculty of Harvard Medical School.

It offers accelerated learning for:

Clinicians seeking a practical and comprehensive review that ensures they are up to date across all major areas of nephrology: 

  • The latest options for diagnosis: what to choose, when, and why
  • Current evidence-based treatment and care management strategies to optimize patient outcomes
  • Improved approaches to common and complex clinical challenges
  • Navigating clinical controversies
  • How to avoid medical mistakes

 Physicians preparing to certify or recertify and are seeking a thorough, proven preparatory course in advance of their taking the Nephrology ABIM board examination:

  • Daily board review questions and sessions
  • Sessions to guide efficient preparation and study
  • Comprehensive syllabus and home study guide
  • Test-taking strategies and skills development

Incorporating recent advances in renal medicine into day-to-day practice enables physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to deliver optimal patient care and improve patient outcomes. The challenge for most clinicians is that the amount of new information can be overwhelming, and determining what is relevant and important cannot always be readily ascertained.

Intensive Review of Nephrology synthesizes this information and presents it efficiently and effectively to ensure you are current with state-of-the-art practices and the best ways to apply them to the diagnosis and treatment of your patients.

► For those who are preparing to certify or recertify, we complement this education with board examination preparation.

This special nephrology course spans all areas of nephrology. Sessions are led by nationally renowned speakers who are experts in their respective fields of nephrology. Highlights include:

  • CANCER and the KIDNEY

In the course of a week, you get an accelerated learning experience that is impactful and inspiring.



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Kidney Transplantation – Principles and Practice (8th Edition) – November 2019 Release

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Apr 252020

Offering practical guidance for all members of the transplant team, Kidney Transplantation, Principles and Practice, 8th Edition, provides the balanced, up-to-date information you need to achieve optimal outcomes for your patients. A global team of internationally renowned surgeons and nephrologists, many new to this edition, offers fresh perspectives on everything from applied science and surgical techniques to immunosuppressive methods, outcomes, risks, and medical considerations related to kidney transplantation, in both adults and children.

    • Offers state-of-the-art coverage of all areas of kidney transplantation such as preservation of kidneys; mechanisms of rejection and the induction of tolerance; techniques of laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy; and immunosuppression.
    • Contains up-to-date outcomes data and analysis of the evidence supporting current practice in the field.
    • Includes new information on desensitization and considerable new data on the clinical use of costimulation blockade.
    • Keeps you current with new chapters on kidney allocation policy that reflects the ethical and societal values of different countries and populations; and biomarkers of kidney injury and rejection, including the need for better monitoring tools to guide therapy and patient management.
    • Covers hot topics such as management of chronic allograft failure, the sensitized patient and antibody-mediated rejection, and paired exchange principles.
    • Features hundreds of superb illustrations to help you visualize key concepts and nuances of renal transplantation.
    • Provides dynamic visual guidance with new real-time video coverage of ultrasound-guided pancreas allograft biopsy; a new animation of calcineurin inhibitor mechanism of action animation; and videos that demonstrate the formation of an immune synapse, 3-D rotational images of immune synapses, an NK cell killing its target, peritoneal dialysis-catheter insertion techniques, laparoendoscopic single site (LESS) donor nephrectomy, and more.

  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase, which allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices


The definitive resource for state-of-the-art answers on every aspect of renal transplantation



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Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

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Apr 072020

This book provides a comprehensive overview of percutaneous nephrolithotomy, covering topics including its history, anatomy, preoperative preparation, clinical operation, and postoperative treatment. It presents both basic and advanced techniques, such as micro-PNL, mini-PNL, ultra-mini-PNL, and super mini-PNL, together with representative clinical cases. In addition, the book describes potential technical issues, complications, indications and contraindications in detail, making it a valuable reference guide for urologists, especially those who wish to improve their PCNL skills in clinical practice.
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Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology (4th edition)

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Apr 062020

This fourth edition of the Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology builds on the success and international reputation of the publication as an important resource for the practising clinician in the field. It provides practical, scholarly, and evidence-based coverage of the full spectrum of clinical nephrology, written by a global faculty of experts.

The most relevant and important reference to clinical nephrology, this is an authoritative and comprehensive textbook combining the clinical aspects of renal disease essential to daily clinical practice with extensive information about the underlying basic science and current evidence available. Each section of the textbook has been critically and comprehensively edited under the auspices of a leading expert in the field.

This new edition has been significantly expanded and reapportioned to reflect developments and new approaches to topics, and includes treatment algorithms to aid and enhance patient care where possible. The fourth edition offers increased focus on the medical aspects of transplantation, HIV-associated renal disease, and infection and renal disease, alongside entirely new sections on genetic topics and clinical and physiological aspects of fluid/electrolyte and tubular disorders. The emphasis throughout is on marrying advances in scientific research with clinical management.

Richly illustrated throughout in full colour, this is a truly modern and attractive edition which reinforces the Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology’s position as an indispensable reference work of consistent quality and reliability. Enriched and refined by careful revision, this new edition continues the tradition of excellence.


Review from previous edition: “The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology is a core text for nephrologists and this third edition is no exception. With its international authorship and editorial panel this book represents the up-to-date opinion the evidence base of medicine for the renal
patient… This is an excellent reference text for all nephrologists and a must for every medical library.”

–Hospital Doctor

“A superb reference for nephrologists. Comprehensive, authoritative, well referenced and succinctly written text. Generously illustrated and delightfully bound in three volumes for the old fashioned reader with a CD-ROM of equal quality for the more modern. I would hate to be without it.”

–BMA Medical Book Competition 2006



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Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology – 6th Edition (September 2018 Release)

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Apr 062020

Written and edited by world leaders in nephrology, Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology, 6th Edition, by Drs. John Feehally, Jurgen Floege, Richard J. Johnson, and Marcello Tonelli, provides current information on clinical procedures and conditions as well as the scientific facts and pathophysiology that are foundational to nephrology practice. Ideal for practicing nephrologists, fellows, residents, and internists, it thoroughly covers fluids and electrolytes, hypertension, diabetes, dialysis, and transplantation, and more – all in a single convenient volume.


    • Popular, color-coded algorithms provide easy access to key content: yellow boxes for general information, green boxes for therapeutic intervention, and blue boxes for necessary investigations.
    • A “just right” amount of basic science and practical clinical guidance helps you make efficient and informed decisions.
  • More than 1,500 full-color illustrations highlight key topics and detail pathogenesis for a full range of kidney conditions and clinical management.
    • New quick-reference boxes with links to clinical guidelines in all relevant chapters.
    • New chapters on common issues regarding prescribing in kidney disease, palliative nephrology, endemic nephropathies, pathophysiology of chronic kidney disease, and outcomes of dialysis.
  • Expert Consult™ eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.



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Critical Care Nephrology – 3rd Edition (2018 Release)

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Apr 062020

Comprehensive and clinically relevant, the 3rd Edition of Critical Care Nephrology provides authoritative coverage of the latest advances in critical care procedures for patients with renal diseases or disorders. Using common guidelines and standardized approaches to critically ill patients, this multidisciplinary reference facilitates better communication among all physicians who care for critically ill patients suffering from kidney disease, electrolyte and metabolic imbalances, poisoning, severe sepsis, major organ dysfunction, and other pathological events.

  • Offers detailed discussions of different forms of organ support, artificial organs, infections, acute illness occurring in chronic hemodialysis patients, and much more.
  • Places a special emphasis on therapeutic interventions and treatment procedures for a hands on clinical reference tool.
  • Presents information clearly, in a format designed for easy reference – from basic sciences to clinical syndromes to diagnostic tools.
  • Covers special populations such as children, diabetic patients, and the elderly.
  • An exceptional resource for nephrologists, intensivists, surgeons, or critical care physicians – anyone who treats critically ill renal patients.
    • Shares a combined commitment to excellence lead by Drs. Claudio Ronco, Rinaldo Bellomo, John Kellum, and Zaccaria Ricci – unparalleled leaders in this field.
    • Addresses key topics with expanded coverage of acute kidney injury, stress biomarkers, and sepsis, including the latest developments on mechanisms and management.
    • Provides up-to-date information on extracorporeal therapies from new editor Dr. Zaccaria Ricci.
  • Expert Consult™ eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.



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Apr 032020

A complete guide to every aspect of interventional nephrology―an essential text for students, residents, fellows, and clinicians

A  Doody’s Core Title for 2017!

This timely resource examines all relevant aspects of interventional nephrology, from the history of nephrology to the principles governing the latest vascular access techniques. Heavily illustrated with full-color procedural drawings and featuring an easy-to-follow design, the book includes contributions from many leading authorities in the field whose insights combine to form an unprecedented, clinically rigorous survey of interventional nephrology.

Interventional Nephrology opens with an instructive look at the origins of hemodialysis access; an overview of the history of interventional nephrology in the U.S. and abroad; and clinically relevant coverage of vascular access outcomes. The high-yield coverage continues with a probing assessment of ethics, public policy, and practice guidelines, illuminating such pivotal topics as industry partnerships and conflicts of interest. The principles that support interventional nephrology techniques are also extensively reviewed, encompassing everything from vascular mapping to peritoneal dialysis catheter removal, while the following section delves into the key surgical aspects of vascular access. Finally, the book provides useful perspectives on how political and policy affairs impact current practice.


  • Illustrated with precise full-color drawings and radiographs that highlight both normal and vascular anatomy and clarify the management of vascular access problems
  • Streamlined design and helpful pedagogy, including chapter-opening learning objectives, numerous tables, and concept-clarifying figures
  • Complete overview of the core principles underlying interventional nephrology practice and techniques, covering vascular mapping, monitoring and surveillance of arteriovenous access, venous angioplasty, tunneled catheters, renal ultrasonography, and much more
  • Discussion of vascular access in special populations and the role of pharmacologic agents in preserving vascular access provides evidence-based insights that are pertinent to the everyday practice of interventional nephrology
  • In-depth emphasis on the surgical aspects of vascular access reviews sites, types, and creation of arteriovenous fistulae; secondary arteriovenous fistula; and surgical options for vascular anomalies
  • Forward-thinking coverage of basic and translational science considers future directions in vascular access science; flow dynamics, maturity, and access failure; neointimal hyperplasia; pharmacologic prevention of access dysfunction; and device innovation



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Apr 032020

Interventional Nephrology: Principles and Practice describes a very direct approach to clinical problems encountered by the community of care providers who treat chronic kidney disease and dialysis patients.  Practical scenarios faced on a day-to-day basis are presented by experts in the field utilizing the latest scientific information.  In addition to internal medicine residents, nephrology fellows and practitioners, this comprehensive and useful resource is a must-have for the allied health professionals taking care of patients with hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis access problems.


From the Back Cover



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Absolute Nephrology Review: An Essential Q & A Study Guide

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Mar 042020

Written in a succinct question and answer format, this comprehensive resource covers all areas of nephrology and common clinical scenarios. Nearly 1000 questions with detailed answers provide nephrology fellows, practicing nephrologists and clinicians a better understanding of nephrology and aid preparations for nephrology and internal medicine boards. Absolute Nephrology Review features the latest evidence and guidelines while fulfilling a critical need within the nephrology community.



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The Aging Kidney in Health and Disease

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Mar 032020

This volume will be a reliable source on the management of the elderly with renal disease. There is an ever-increasing proportion of the aging population affected by renal disease and hypertension, and physicians are faced with atypical clinical presentations of renal disease in the aged as compared to younger people. This volume combines the fields of nephrology and geriatrics and presents a multidisciplinary approach to the topic.
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