Surgical Recall, 6th Edition 6th Edition

Now bundled with a free mobile flashcard-style app for iPhones and iPod touch, the Sixth Edition of Surgical Recall is carefully executed to ensure that you learn and retain information critical for the wards and boards. Designed to fit in the labcoat pocket, this indispensable learning tool and guidebook features a proven question-and-answer format covering both basic surgery and surgical subspecialty essentials. An insider’s survival tactics chapter is also included to prime you for success on the wards.

The sixth edition has been rigorously honed to eliminate the extraneous and deliver just what you need to know, just how you need it:

Written by a renowned expert in the field with ample contributions by students and residents

All chapters painstakingly revised with the most up-to-date surgical information

Includes surgical overview and background section packed with useful advice as well as tricks of the trade

Thousands of topics presented, using the student-preferred recall method

Two-column format facilitates self-“pimping.” with questions on the left and answers on the right

Hundreds of mnemonics, acronyms, tips, prompts, and hints ensure that the material sticks with you

Triple-function bookmark included to hold your place, hide answers while you review, and even assist you with surgical knot-tying!

Rapid-Fire Power Review of the Top 100 Clinical Surgical Microvignettes provides a final, all-encompassing review tool


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