Jul 232021

It provides in simplified form the oculoplastic and orbit care by synthesising advances in imaging, pathology, genetics. It is a most useful book for graduate students, residents of ophthalmology fellows in oculoplastic and orbital services. 1. Applied Anatomy of Orbit, 2. Clinical Approach to Proptosis, 3. Imaging a Case of Proptosis: CT and MRI, 4. Role of Cytology in Orbital Lesions, 5. Pathology of the Orbital Diseases, 6. Thyroid-Associated Orbitopathy, 7. Orbital Infection, 8. Orbital Inflammatory Disease, 9. Orbital Lymphoma, 10. Vascular Lesions of Orbit, 11. Orbital Tumors of Neurological Origin, 12. Mesenchymal Tumors, 13. Bone Tumors of Orbit, 14. Tumors of Lacrimal Gland, 15. Cystic Lesions of Orbit, 16. Parasitic Cysts of Orbit, 17. Orbital Frcatures, 18. Secondary and Metastatic Tumors, 19. Decision Making, 20. Orbitotomies, 21. multidisciplinary Approach to Proptosis, 22. Orbital Exenteration, 23. Orbital Prosthesis, 24. Medical Management of Proptosis, 25. Management of Ophthalmic Tumors: Role of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy, 26. Carotid-Cavernous Fistulae: Role of Interventional Radiologist, 27. Ocular and Systemic Associations of Proptosis.





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