Feb 162021

Study of Clinical Cosmetology 1: A Hands-on Guide is a concise and practical resource, covering the basics of cosmetology (aesthetic skin treatment) and common procedures. The first in the Study of Clinical Cosmetology series, A Hands-on Guide consists of fifteen chapters, covering common cosmetic problems and their management. The first chapter is an introduction to cosmetology, followed by a guide to skin types and their analysis, the structure of the skin and its function. Further chapters provide guidance on regaining healthier, younger looking skin without risks and side-effects, through microdermabrasion. Other techniques covered include ultrasound therapy, iontophoresis, electroporation, blue light therapy, blending of electrolysis and thermolysis and superpulse face-lift. The final chapters of the book cover the use of radiosurgery in cosmetology and feature useful information on the treatment of dark circles, stretch marks, and the use of sunscreen and sunblock. Illustrated throughout with full colour images, Study of Clinical Cosmetology: A Hands-on Guide is an excellent resource for cosmetologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, laser technicians, beauticians, residents and fellows in cosmetic dermatology. Key Points First in the Study of Clinical Cosmetology series Guidance on a range of cosmetology procedures across fifteen chapters Full colour images and illustrations throughout



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