Sexually Transmitted Infections – E-book 2nd Edition

    • Covers all aspects (historical, epidemiological, diagnostic, clinical, preventative, public health and medico-legal) of STIs in complete detail with a special emphasis on STIs in special groups—migrants, homosexuals, and sexually abused.


    • Covers basic and laboratory sciences extensively to blend with the basics required by the clinician for proper understanding of the disease process.


    • Clinical photographs, illustrations, photographs of specimens and cultures, histopathology, flow charts and line diagrams are given extensively throughout the text to make relevant clinical situation self-explanatory.


    • Has very useful and practical information for even the clinician in the periphery, where the investigative component is either non-existent or very basic and many new drugs are not available or unaffordable.


    • Management of HIV in adults and children in resource-poor countries has been covered extensively along with syndromic management of STIs. This enables a physician to choose from approaches in a particular situation depending upon the available means—laboratory or therapeutic.


    • Covers sexual dysfunction in both men and women and the basics of human sexual behavior and sexual health.


    • Section Editors and Contributors from all continents of the world have made this a truly global reference book.


  • It is a useful reference text for epidemiologists, public health experts, clinicians, microbiologists, health workers, social organizations and counselors working in the field of STIs, sexual health, and HIV.


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