Self Assessment & Review Microbiology Immunology Revision at a Glance 4th Edition

Review series including other PGMEE questions (1990-2009) have been added along with explanations. Each chapter has been divided into subtopics to make the subject easier, References from latest editions of Bailey and Love (25/e), Sabiston (18/e), Harrison (17/e), Maingott (11/e), Campbell, etc. with new papers including AI 2009, AIIMS 2009 and PGI 2009. A separate unit on Trauma and a separate chapter on Surgical Nutrition have also been added. Each chapter is reviewed by super-specialized faculty including AIIMS doctors to provide error-free text. Includes special notes by faculty teachers for frequently asked things, viz bileduct injury, uretheral injury, etc. Focus is on the topics which are considered important by AIIMS teachers, so as to ensure to solve new questions. Salient Features: Chapterwise arranged explanatory series of AlPGMEE, AIIMS and PGI. A complete format, i.e. Theory followed by questions of AIPGMEE, AIIMS, PGI with explanations; Review series consisting of questions from other PGMEE (1990 onwards) along with explanations of difficult questions after each unit. Over 600 tables and 300 mnemonics to make the subject easier. Informative index for easy search. Ensures that one will not need any additional book after reading this text for both professional and PGMEE examination. SECTION A: REVISION AT A GLANCE, 1. Basics of Bacteriology, 2. Basics of Virology, 3. Basics of Mycology, 4. Basics of Clinical Microbiology, 5. Culture and Sterilisation, SECTION B: UNIT I BACTERIOLOGY, 1. Staphylococci, 2. Streptococci, 3. Neisseria, 4. Clostridium, 5. Corynebacterium, 6. Actinomycetes and Bacillus, 7. Listeria Monocytogenes, 8. Mycobacteria, 9. Enterobacteriaceae, 10. Vibrio, 11. Pseudomonas and Yersinia, 12. Hemophilus, Bordetella and Brucella, 13. Campylobacter and Helicobacter, 14. Legionella, 15. Rickettsiaceae and Chlamydiae, 16. Spirochetes, 17. Mycoplasma, UNIT II VIROLOGY, 1. DNA Virus, 2. RNA Virus, 3. Slow Virus Diseases, 4. Hepatitis Viruses, 5. HIV and Other Retroviruses, UNIT III MYCOLOGY, 1. Dermatophytes, 2. Yeast and Yeast like Fungus, 3. Aspergillus and Mucormycosis, 4. Dimorphic Fungi, UNIT IV PARASITOLOGY, 1. Basics of Parasitology, 2. Protozoa, 3. Helminths, UNIT V IMMUNOLOGY, 1. Basics of Immune System, 2. Antigen and Antibody, 3. Hypersensitivity 464.


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