Jul 062021

The subject matter of plastic surgery has been covered in a total of seven independent sections dealing with general principles, aesthetic surgery, head and neck, craniofacial and cleft, oncoplastic surgery, trunk and lower extremity and finally upper limb and hand surgery. This is followed by a section of multiple choice questions based on recent advances in plastic surgery. The questions have been based on various, notable publications in plastic surgery over the last ten years. The seven sections offer incisive questions based on the particular subject from the historical aspect to the intricacies of diagnosis and treatment. The last section on recent advances is an assortment of questions without any particular subject loyalty. This section will make the reader abreast with questions on the current advances in plastic surgery. To eliminate any type of ambiguity in the answer to the particular question item, each of the questions in this book has been supported by specific and complete references detailing the authors and the journal so that the reader can refer to these for more information on that particular question stem. All questions also have specific answers and explanations which will provide the reader a grasp of the particular point that has been raised and discussed in the subject stem. The answers, explanations and references follow at the end of each section so that the reader can turn the pages and review these at convenience while the answers also remain hidden from the eye at the time of reading the question item.





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