Jun 202020

SBAs and EMIs for the General Surgery FRCS is a key resource for trainees preparing to face the challenging FRCS Section 1 examination.

Featuring over 600 Single Best Answers (SBAs) and Extended Matching Items (EMIs) written by successful candidates of the General Surgery FRCS, this resource ensures high-quality self-assessment.
Split into chapters on key sub-specialties, all questions are mapped to the surgical curriculum and mirror the level of detail required to succeed in the Section 1 examination. Each chapter is clearly structured with all SBA and EMI questions first, followed by corresponding answers, detailed explanations and relevant further reading sources. This layout enables trainees to assess their level of knowledge, and practise the technique and approach needed for the examination.

Providing high-quality questions and expert guidance, this resource is a comprehensive revision tool for senior trainees in General Surgery.



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