Reversing Osteoporosis/Insomnia using newly discovered Secrets of Bone Breathing: Published by the Institute for Solar Studies

Read the first 3 Chapters of this book free at What if there was information that existed that shows how osteoporosis could be prevented, or even reversed? What if this information had been backed up by reputable scientific studies? The book you hold in your hands right now is a result of the latest research findings and methods that have been shown to reverse and prevent Osteoporosis. Written by Scott Rauvers, the author of more than 3 anti-aging books, Scott is the founder of the Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health in Santa Monica, CA. This gem of a book not only includes scientifically backed studies showing which herbs and methods rebuild bone and reverse osteoporosis, but includes the best alternatives to dairy that build and strong healthy bones. Also included is a special chapter on rheumatoid arthritis. No other book exists that reveals the true secrets about how anyone can build strong, healthy bones no matter what their age. Learn how to increase bone mass, rebuild bone architecture and greatly reduce bone fragility leading to a reduced risk of bone fractures in the future. Partial Listing of Chapters Chapter 1. Foods that Help Reduce Bone Loss and Reverse Osteoporosis. Chujo-to Herbal Combination. Royal Jelly. Dried Plums. Dried Plum Synergy Reverses Bone Loss. Is Vitamin K the Key Mineral for Strong Bones? Amino Acids Heal Fractures. Chapter 2. How Fructooligosaccharides, Dried Plum and A Soy-Based Diet Helps Treat Osteoporosis Better Than Some Prescribed Medications. What does Bioavailability mean? Chapter 3. Bone Breathing. How to use it to treat Osteoporosis and Build Strong Bones and Tendons. The History of Bone Breathing. How Bone Breathing Works. A Simple Bone Breathing Exercise. Chapter 5. Can Stem Cells Help Build Strong Bones? Chapter 6. Foods that Enhance the absorption of Calcium. Chapter 7. Starch and Calcium. Isoflavones and Calcium Absorption. 2 Little Known Food Combinations that Build Strong Bones. Chapter 8. Lead in the Body Reduces Bone Strength. Lead Accumulation Creates Weak Bones. Vitamin C and Garlic. Chapter 9. Alternatives to Dairy for building Strong Bones. Why Seaweeds Are a Good Source of Bone Strengthening Nutrients. Seaweed reduces the risk of Cardiovascular Disease. Kelp, The Powerful Cancer Preventative. Why Animal and Vegetable Proteins Cause you to Lose Bone. Foods in the algae family. Chapter 10. Arterial Stiffness and Dairy. Chapter 11. Foods that Create Strong, Flexible and Healthy Arteries. Aged garlic extract and coenzyme Q10 for flexible arteries. What is Coronary Atherosclerosis? Foods that Restore Flexibility to the Arteries. Black Cumin Protects the Arteries. Bee Propolis with Black Cumin Oil Protects against Atherosclerosis. Chapter 12. The Best Non-Invasive Methods for Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis. Chapter 16. Chinese Bone Building Herbal Formulas. Vegetables that contain Lots of Calcium. Herbals Formula to heal fractured bones. Chapter 18. Rebuilding Bones via Resistance Exercise. Bike Enthusiasts and Bone Loss. Chapter 23 The Best Herbs Used to Treat Insomnia.


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