Recent Advancement in Prodrugs

Recent Advancement in Prodrugs

Drugs used as medicines have many limitations like low chemical stability, aqueous solubility, or oral absorption/bioavailability, rapid presystemic metabolism, toxicity, inadequate site specificity, or poor patient acceptance/compliance (unwanted adverse effects, unacceptable taste or odor, irritation or pain). Prodrugs design is an approach to overcome these limitations.

Key features

Covers recent advancements in development of prodrugs

Presents balanced synthesis and applications of prodrug chemistry

Discusses broad spectrum of prodrug categories and outlines industrial applications

Reviews prodrugs in cancer nanomedicine, its therapy and treatment

Elucidates mathematical models to study the kinetics of prodrugs

This book covers recent advances in the design of prodrugs. It contains all the significant recent examples of prodrug chemistry developments and will aid academics and researchers seeking to generate new projects in the field.


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