Nov 252020

Principles and Applications of Therapeutic Ultrasound in Healthcare introduces concepts, principles, construction, and applications of therapeutic ultrasound: from bench to bedside. A comprehensive examination of the industry and medical application of ultrasound therapy, this book highlights working principles, research progress, and system structures of therapeutic ultrasound. It describes the principles of therapeutic ultrasound, details the system construction, introduces current and emerging applications, and discusses developing therapeutic ultrasound technologies.
Divided into two parts, the book first introduces the fundamentals of biomedical acoustics, discusses ultrasound calibration methods, and the structures of available therapeutic ultrasound systems before moving on to the various applications of ultrasound therapy used in clinics. It includes a variety of extensive clinical trials, outcome photos and illustrating figures, and a critical commentary on the challenges in this field.
The author discusses topics that include:
The derivation of wave equation
The mathematical solution of the wave propagation
The phenomena of reflection
Refraction and transmission in the acoustic field from different acoustic sources
The radiation pattern of the ultrasound transducer
The acoustical properties of biological tissues
Ultrasound-induced bioeffects
The design of the ultrasound transducer
The characterization method of the produced acoustic field
An easy reference offering full coverage of popular ultrasound therapies, Principles and Applications of Therapeutic Ultrasound in Healthcare provides a simple explanation of fundamental acoustics, including wave equation, propagation, nonlinearity, and transducer design. It also discusses other potential applications, and is geared toward academia, industry, and researchers.


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