Pocket Guide to the Operating Room (Pocket Guide to Operating Room) 3rd Edition

    • This guide was written for perioperative nurses, surgical technologists, and students in these disciplines.


    • Features extensive coverage of minimal access surgery, including endoscopic procedures for multiple specialties, microsurgical techniques, and instrumentation for these procedures.


    • Updates the section on anesthesia and anesthetic drugs.


    • Describes equipment and instrument trays, including pediatric trays.


    • Addresses the roles of the registered nurse and the surgical technologist in the perioperative environment.


    • Provides charting/documentation of care to comply with medicolegal requirements.


    • Includes a Surgical Assessment and Perioperative Checklistand a Preoperative Care Plan adaptable to the individual patient, complete with areas that focus on nursing care and desired outcomes.


    • Fits in a lab coat pocket for immediate reference.


  • Offers a Bibliography that provides sources for additional reading, including websites.



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