May 222021

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic concepts of neurology, specific neurological conditions, and the related physical therapy treatment approaches used in rehabilitation. It brings together contributions from an experienced, multidisciplinary team of clinicians in the field of neurological rehabilitation, ensuring the reader will come away with practical knowledge of work being done in the field. Well-researched, fully referenced, and clinically up to date, this text is a good introduction for students as well as a helpful reference for practicing physical therapists.

  • This research-based text includes extensive scientific references and case histories, covering a wide array of important topics.
  • Thorough definitions of neurological conditions provide a strong base for all future learning.
  • Information on the etiology, prevalence, incidence, and epidemiology of these conditions prepares the reader for future practice.
  • Coverage of anatomy and physiology, diagnostic and clinical signs, and assessment and outcome of each condition offers the most expansive coverage available.
  • Material on medical and physical management, as well as multidisciplinary team work, gives the reader a practical explanation of how to deal with a variety of real-life situations.
  • Content on relationships with patients provides the reader with a method of setting goals for their patients and themselves.
  • Background information on physiology and physical therapy presents a clear link between the two areas.
  • New co-editor
  • Inclusion of North-American and Australian contributors
  • More illustrations
  • Improved page layout with better use of second colour
  • More attractive and patient centred cover design
  • Approx half of the chapters re written by new contributors
  • Remaining chapters thoroughly updated by their original authors



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