Overcome the Challenges of Cancer Care: How to Avoid Pitfalls on the Path to Healing

When a diagnosis topples your life, you can identify those factors you can control in order to pursue the best care possible. This work shows you how.

In the United States cancer is overtaking heart disease as the leading cause of death. Although a devastatingly common disease, the average person in the US has minimal practical or scientific knowledge about cancer and its treatment. And fewer still are aware of the pitfalls and obstacles inherent in cancer care.

Here, Stephen Rosenberg, MD, offers an accessible guide to the disease and the challenges of receiving the best care possible. He guides readers and their loved ones through the process of receiving the diagnosis and laying out a plan moving forward regardless of cancer diagnosis. He identifies the most common pitfalls on the treatment path and helps readers avoid them while they seek the best care possible. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is already devastating. Navigating the confusing waters of treatment should not be. Offering insight into handling emotions, incorporating complementary care, important lifestyle choices, and how to overcome the most common mistakes made in cancer care, this work offers a light in the dark.



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