Jan 192021

Nutritional status is recognized as a major determinant in health and disease. Effective treatment of chronic conditions such as obesity or of diseases of the skin requires the integration of clinical and nutritional management. Nutritional and Clinical Management of Chronic Conditions and Diseases, like its predecessor, Nutritional Aspects and Clinical Management of Chronic Disorders and Diseases, is a comprehensive reference that helps clinicians successfully integrate nutritional management with clinical care.

The book begins by discussing childhood obesity, adult obesity, and bariatric surgery. It then addresses nutritional concerns for the elderly, food allergies, and the nutritional and clinical management of pregnancy and lactation. A chapter also guides the clinician in facilitating and reinforcing patient behavior as well as behavioral changes with regard to food intake and diet.

The second part of the book explains the nutritional management of specific disease conditions. Descriptions of genetic diseases and the management of errors of metabolism are followed by chapters on the immune system, chronic oral diseases, dermatology, upper gastrointestinal cancer, and of the cachexia of chronic illness. These chapters are characterized by detailed analyses of mechanisms.

Written by experts that treat patients in a clinical setting, Nutritional and Clinical Management of Chronic Conditions and Diseases translates research results into practical approaches that allow the clinician to correlate nutrition with health.



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