Jun 252020

This exciting new text is the first of its kind to provide the educator with a balance of theoretical foundations and practical strategies for application in the classroom. “Nursing Education” covers an important range of topics including foundational concepts; curriculum development; instructional principles and methods for various teaching/learning setting, intervention, and evaluation methods for didactic and clinical settings; the learning laboratory and how it is used in the educational setting; learner aspects; technology and teaching; and visions for nursing education from the NLN and the AACN.Designed for the graduate student in a nurse educator program, this book can also be used by the novice educator to improve their skills or the proficient educator looking to assimilate new teaching methods into the classroom.It features balanced presentation of theory and application; and comprehensive framework for planning, guiding, and evaluating teaching and learning techniques for nurse educators. It covers content on teaching and evaluating the ability to think and select appropriate actions; and includes content on curriculum development and content of test development and item analysis. Each chapter contains “highlights,” key terms, a lesson plan, introductory comments, chapter outline, summary comments, review questions, case studies or critical thinking exercises, suggestions for future research, and an annotated research summary.
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