Oct 242020

This volume explores the design and analysis of ‘neuroprosthetic supersystems,’ or organizations whose human members have been neuroprosthetically augmented. Individual chapters present ontologies of the neuroprosthesis as a computing device and instrument of ‘cyborgization’; factors affecting the deployment of posthumanizing neuroprostheses by military organizations and other early adopters; an introduction to enterprise architecture in the context of technological posthumanization; an exploration of neuroprosthetic augmentation’s implications for enterprise architecture; and considerations for the design of network topologies for neuroprosthetically augmented organizations. The frameworks developed here can be of use to policymakers, ethicists, neuroprosthetic device manufacturers, organizational decision-makers, and others who must analyze or manage the complex legal, ethical, and operational implications that result from the use of emerging neuroprosthetic technologies within an organizational context.



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