May 302020

“Microbial Enzymes: Roles and applications in industry” offers an essential update on the field of microbial biotechnology, and presents the latest information on a range of microbial enzymes such as fructosyltransferase, laccases, amylases, lipase, and cholesterol oxidase, as well as their potential applications in various industries. Production and optimisation technologies for several industrially relevant microbial enzymes are also addressed.
In recent years, genetic engineering has opened up new possibilities for redesigning microbial enzymes that are useful in multiple industries, an aspect that the book explores. In addition, it demonstrates how some of the emerging issues in the fields of agriculture, environment and human health can be resolved with the aid of green technologies based on microbial enzymes. The topics covered here will not only provide a better understanding of the commercial applications of microbial enzymes, but also outline futuristic approaches to use microbial enzymes as driver of industrial sustainability.
Lastly, the book is intended to provide readers with an overview of recent applications of microbial enzymes in various industrial sectors, and to pique researchers’ interest in the development of novel microbial enzyme technologies to meet the changing needs of industry.



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