Jul 202021

Every year, with an estimated 1.3 million new cases and more than 20,000 deaths, Leishmaniasis continues to be a menace in countries across the globe. With the absence of an anti-Leishmania vaccine – along with the toxicity of current anti-parasite drugs and coupled with the rapid emergence of drug resistant Leishmania strains – there remains significant challenges for disease control. This has spurred a plethora of research initiatives into parasite biology, parasite-host interaction, mechanisms of disease pathogenesis, drug development, and the molecular mechanism of drug resistance. Insights obtained from various studies are essential for the development of novel anti-Leishmania treatment strategies. In this timely book, respected Leishmania experts distil important current research, highlighting the most insightful discoveries in the field. Topics covered include: modulation of host miRNA * heat shock proteins * iron in the Leishmania-macrophage interaction * oxidative and nitrosative stress response * cell death * strategies for immune evasion * STAT signaling * parasite modulation of toll-like receptors in macrophages * T cells in Leishmania infection * vaccine biology * inhibitors of Leishmania DNA topoisomerases * mechanism of drug resistance in visceral Leishmaniasis. The book is an essential text for everyone in the Leishmania community and is recommended for researchers working in related fields.





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