Jan 042022

This Special Issue provides an overview of pediatric integrative medicine, an emerging field that blends conventional and evidence based complementary therapies with an emphasis on preventive health and wellbeing. It is one of the first publications to capture the field’s background as well as the implementation of pediatric integrative programs and therapies in both the United States and Europe. Written by expert contributors in their specialties, this work provides the reader a first-hand look at the innovative programs serving children with a wide array of conditions in both academic and community-based centers. Covering topics including program development and start-up, pediatric pain, headache, obesity management, stress, clinical hypnosis, creative arts therapies, integrative nursing, and provider self-care, the edition provides rich insight into the challenges and successes experienced by the authors and the creativity and passion driving the field with the goal of improving health care for children of all ages.





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