Jan 132022

A Molecular Approach to Immunogenetics, Immunogenetics: A Molecular and Clinical Overview, Volume One provides readers with an exclusive, updated overview on the scientific knowledge, achievements and findings in the field of immunogenetics. The book presents readily available, updated information on the molecular and clinical aspects of immunogenetics, from origin and development to clinical applications and future prospects. The breadth of information goes from basics to developments, clinical applications and future prospects. The book’s most attractive attribute is its academic and clinical amalgamation that covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of immunogenetics.

An additional feature of the book is a special chapter on viral genetics that covers COVID-19. Above all, the book contains chapters that discuss immunogenetics in relation to pharmaco-genomics and immune-toxicology.

Contains exclusive information about research on immunogenetics from around the globe
Includes minute and recent details that will be the prerequisite requirement for any researcher who wants to work on immunogenetics and its applications
Comes fully-equipped with pictures, illustrations and tables that deliver information in a meticulous manner





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