Jan 232022

Human Growth and Development, Third Edition provides a comprehensive volume covering the biology of human growth and the genetic, endocrine, environmental, nutritional, and socio-economic factors that contribute towards its full expression. Human Growth and Development continues to be a valuable resource for researchers, professors and graduate students across the interdisciplinary area of human development. For the new edition, updates are made to all fourteen of the “core chapters” of the book which form the essential reading for a comprehensive understanding of human growth and development. Additionally, new special topics are covered including the interpretation of recently found sub-adult fossils that expand our understanding of the evolution of human growth and a discussion of the early pattern of growth and development as the developmental origins of risk for non-communicable diseases of adulthood.

Human Growth and Development, Third Edition includes contributions from the well-known experts in the field and is the most reputable, comprehensive resource available.

  • New chapters include the impact of physical activity across childhood and adolescence, information on the evolution of the human growth pattern and the contribution of epigenetics to our understanding of human growth
  • Offers the necessary tools to connect human development data with predictive medicine
  • Provides extensive depth on content in the form of easily digestible lecture length chapters





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