Jun 052020

If you are always in pain, have chronic inflammation, feel anxious all the time, are battling with depression and other health problems that just won’t go away, even when you take medication, keep reading….
You are about to discover how to treat your anxiety, depression and other chronic illnesses by simply activating your vagus nerve, the longest and most complex of all the cranial nerves, which runs from your brain, through your thorax up to your abdomen.
Why would it matter, you might wonder?
Because given that the nerve acts as some sort of superhighway, allowing flow of information between the organs within its network, any interruption within the network means information won’t flow and different consequences follow. These ‘consequences’ manifest in the form of different illnesses that just don’t go away and are recurrent even after taking medication.
Do you have any health problem that just won’t go away, even after taking medication?
If yes, it is time you started considering the possibility that your problems could have a lot to do with a vagus nerve problem!







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