This book is a quick reference for radiologists in training as well as those in practice for solving commonly encountered imaging scenarios. The book provides short and objective answers in text as well as tabulated form and can be considered as a problem solving tool for many differential diagnoses. At multiple places it also provides salient imaging features for a single disease entity. The text is distributed according to various organ systems, including paediatric radiology. The majority of the chapters start with subsections on radiological anatomy which is prerequisite for any organ system with subsequent subsections pertaining to pathological conditions with common conditions segregated in one subsection. A dedicated chapter is added to vascular Doppler studies that contains normal and abnormal findings. In the end a chapter is also added to radio physics and miscellaneous topics including contrast media and interventions. The book is also useful for those appearing for the FRCR and EDIR examinations as multiple frequently encountered topics are incorporated in the text. The book is not complete in itself considering the length and breadth of radiology and is not intended to replace the knowledge base of standard textbooks.



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