Jun 122021

This is an ideal tool for trainee radiologists preparing for their professional certification exams to assess their current knowledge, comprehension and retention of information prior to sitting their exams. The book is targeted at the new style FRCR 2A exam. It reflects the recent changes in exam structure and all of the 520 questions are provided in the new “best of five” format. The book contains explanations and key learning points that are cross-referenced to Grainger & Allison’s Diagnostic Radiology and to other leading radiology reference works and journals.

Bank of relevant questions, written in the new single best answer format.Reflects the changed nature of the FRCR 2A exam.

Each question comprises a short vignette containing clinical and/or imaging findings and the candidate is asked to select the best answer from a list of five options.

Provides answers that are well referenced to leading radiology reference work and to widely used radiology textbooks and journals. Directs the reader to authoritative “drill down” information for clarification whenever needed.





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