Aug 142021

Disorders of the Shoulder: Sports Injuries
Of the nearly 8 million shoulder injuries treated annually in the United States, almost half are rotator cuff repairs—and most of these injuries are treated by orthopedic sports medicine specialists. Therefore, it is essential that today’s orthopedists specializing in sports medicine have a solid understanding of the most commonly performed shoulder repair procedures. This volume in the Disorders of the Shoulder set covers the full spectrum of shoulder procedures—including open and arthroscopic procedures.
Comprehensive coverage helps maximize diagnostic accuracy, broaden treatment options, optimize procedural performance, and improve patient outcomes.
Material on both adult and adolescent problems prepares readers to treat patients across the lifespan.
Broad scope prepares readers for the diagnostic and management challenges of SLAP Tears, Anterior and Posterior Instability, Rotator Cuff Repairs, Acromioclavicular Joint Injuries, and more!
Sport-specific information helps readers address the specific shoulder injuries most commonly associated with various sports.
Tips on return to activity following treatment help players get back in the game safely, while minimizing the risk for reinjury.



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