Mar 312020

Diagnostic Ultrasound, Second Edition explores the utilization of diagnostic ultrasound in all regions of the body. Offering numerous tables and charts containing practical tips and useful recommendations, this source lists specific pitfalls that may be encountered in each anatomical area within the body and offers methods to distinguish among different sonographic abnormalities.
Providing step-by-step guidance through each stage of the examination, and differential and final diagnosis, this Second Edition:
reviews possible diagnoses and lists of differential diagnostic points, as well as provides flow diagrams to assist in the decision-making process
features numerous tables that help the practitioner identify ultrasound features of specific disease entities
contains numerous color illustrations, as well as contrast enhanced and three-dimensional sonographic images
covers normal ultrasound anatomy, sonographic pitfalls, and sonographic abnormalities in each chapter
analyzes the physics of ultrasound in reference to modern imaging applications
Included with this package, a bonus DVD-ROM containing the entire book in electronic format. This DVD-ROM:
provides links to valuable resources and references on the web
includes valuable video clips for the medical practitioner
helps you view procedures online



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