Dental Radiology 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

Dental Radiology is an excellent guide book for both dental students and practicing dentists. Students will benefit from practical guidance on how and when to use the various imaging methods presented as well as key information on fundamental concepts. For experienced dentists, the book is a valuable guide for image analysis, interpretation of radiologic findings, and diagnosis of pathological changes. Modern imaging methods, the fundamentals of X-ray physics, examination strategies, and information on radiation protection and quality assurance are included.

Key Features:

Covers the entire range of dental imaging techniques, from intraoral radiography to panoramic radiography and cone beam computed tomography
Presents information in a concise, easy to understand manner, enabling readers to quickly put imaging techniques into practice
Includes almost 400 high-quality radiographs and color illustrations
This book serves as an excellent study guide for dental students as well as a practical radiological reference for experienced dentists.


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