Sep 052021

Clinical Medical Imaging Physics: Current and Emerging Practice is the first text of its kind—a comprehensive reference work covering all imaging modalities in use in clinical medicine today. Destined to become a classic in the field, this book provides state-of-practice descriptions for each imaging modality, followed by special sections on new and emerging applications, technologies, and practices.

Authored by luminaries in the field of medical physics, this resource is a sophisticated, one-volume handbook to a fast-advancing field that is becoming ever more central to contemporary clinical medicine.

  • Summarizes the current state of clinical medical imaging physics in one volume, with a focus on emerging technologies and applications
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of all key clinical imaging modalities, taking into account the new realities in healthcare practice
  • Features a strong focus on clinical application of principles and technology, now and in the future
  • Contains authoritative text compiled by world-renowned editors and contributors responsible for guiding the development of the field

Practicing radiologists and medical physicists will appreciate Clinical Medical Imaging Physics as a peerless everyday reference work. Additionally, graduate students and residents in medical physics and radiology will find this book essential as they study for their board exams.



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