Oct 252020

Chest x-rays are among the most difficult plain film to report. This helpful book combines a simple introduction to the basics of chest x-ray reporting with a good number of sample cases, including actual radiographs. The book begins with the anatomy of the chest x-ray, as visualised on the posterior anterior and lateral images. This is followed by a short chapter on having a systematic approach when reporting chest x-rays, then the silhouette sign as described by Felson, then chapters on consolidation and collapse, heart failure, tumours, lung nodules, chest trauma, positioning of tubes, lines and pacemakers, chronic chest conditions and tuberculosis. Finally, there is a chapter that includes 60 cases for the reader to review. Today, many different healthcare professionals are involved in reviewing chest x-rays. This book will therefore be useful for advanced nurse practitioners, accident and emergency practitioners, and major trauma practitioners, as well as trainee radiologists, radiographers, trainee reporting radiographers and junior medics. Contents include: The radiographs and anatomy of the chest x-ray A systematic approach to reviewing the chest x-ray Felson s silhouette sign Consolidation and collapse Overview of cardiovascular disorders and heart failure Lung tumours Lung nodules Chest trauma Tubes, lines and pacemakers Chronic chest conditions Tuberculosis 60 cases

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