The Book of Highs: 255 Ways to Alter Your Consciousness without Drugs

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May 032018

Call it altering consciousness, call it getting high, or call it mindfulness. Humans are hardwired to seek ways to transcend the limits of everyday awareness, whether it’s the little kid spinning in circles to get dizzy or a runner experiencing the day’s first rush of dopamine. And you don’t need drugs—as Edward Rosenfeld shows, the “high” is inside, and there are literally hundreds of perfectly natural ways that we can use to find it.

An encyclopedic survey of all the ways humans try to achieve altered states of consciousness, The Book of Highs is a complete update of a book published in 1973, after the government outlawed psychedelics. Here are recent developments—Virtual Reality and Brainwave Machines—and positive techniques such as Self-Hypnosis, Alterations of Breathing, Fervent Prayer. And “negative” techniques—Self-Flagellation, Sleep Deprivation. Methods derived from religious and mystic traditions—Transcendental Meditation, Tantric Sex. Techniques that involve devices, whether nonelectric like Mandalas, Metronome Watching, Body Confinement—or electric and electronic—Bio-Feedback, Stroboscopes, the Psychedelic Bathtub, Moire Patterns, Brain Music.

Whether you’re out for a life-changing adventure—Skydiving, Fire-Walking, or Kayak Disease (which occurs when you spend three days in a kayak off the shore of Greenland)—or just want to have a break in your everyday routine with a Zen Morning Laugh or by Jumping Up and Down, this book is guaranteed to blow your mindfulness.



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A Life Less Stressed: the five pillars of health and wellness

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May 022018

A holistic guide to the stresses that wear us down and the simple changes we can make to lead happier, healthier, and more resilient lives.

Life has never been more stressful. It is no coincidence that chronic degenerative disorders such as cancer, heart disease, autoimmune illnesses, and mental-health conditions are on the rise. But if we want to tackle them, we need to look beyond their symptoms. That is the message of dentist and health advocate Ron Ehrlich.

He explores why public health messages have been so confusing and often contradictory, including the role of the food and pharmaceutical industries in all parts our healthcare system. It’s a story that’s easy to miss but difficult to ignore. He then untangles how problems in one part of the body are intimately connected to the whole and how we as individuals are inextricably linked to our own environment. Ehrlich redefines the stresses that affect us in our modern world, and shows how to strengthen the five pillars — sleep, breathing, nutrition, movement, and thought — that support our health.

A Life Less Stressed will help you develop a broader understanding of the challenges we face today and empower you to take control, build resilience, and be the best you can be.



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ATI TEAS Crash Course® Book + Online (Nursing Test Prep), 3rd Edition

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May 022018

In August 2016, the ATI TEAS exam replaced the TEAS V. The ATI TEAS, already the most widely-used nursing school admission exam in the U.S., is now also used for allied health program admission nationwide.

REA’s ATI TEAS Crash Course® is aligned with the most recent exam changes to the TEAS, or Test of Essential Academic Skills.

Our ATI TEAS Crash Course® features easy-to-read review chapters that cover every exam objective in reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage. A full-length online practice exam comes with automatic scoring and detailed explanations of answers. Helpful diagnostics pinpoint where test candidates are strongest and where they need to focus their study.

The new ATI TEAS allows for one unified test to cover BSN, ADN, PN, and Allied Health programs. The ATI TEAS test blueprint has been revised to align with evolving developments in the nursing field and the curriculum, creating different points of emphasis on the test. In addition, the number of questions allotted to each content area has been changed, and examinees now may use an on-screen calculator.

About REA’s Prep:
• A complete ATI TEAS course in a concise, time-saving format
• Targeted review covers only the material that will actually be tested
• Strategies for answering every type of question
• Online practice exam pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses



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Globalization and Health Inequities in Latin America

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Apr 262018

This book critically analyses the influence of international policies and guidelines on the performance of interventions aimed at reducing health inequities in Latin America, with special emphasis on health promotion and health in all policies strategies. While the implementation of these interventions plays a key role in strengthening these countries’ capacity to respond to current and future challenges, the urgency and pressures of cooperation and funding agencies to show results consistent with their own agendas not only hampers this goal, but also makes the territory invisible, hiding the real problems faced by most Latin American countries, diminishing the richness of local knowledge production, and hindering the development of relevant proposals that consider the territory’s conditions and cultural identity.
Departing from this general analysis, the authors search for answers to the following questions:

Why, despite the importance of the theoretical advances r
egarding actions to address social and health inequities, haven’t Latin American countries been able to produce the expected results?
Why do successful initiatives only take place within the framework of pilot projects?
Why does the ideology of health promotion and health in all policies mainly permeate structures of the health sector, but not other sectors?
Why are intersectoral actions conjunctural initiatives, which often fail to evolve into permanent practices?
Based on an extensive literature review, case studies, personal experiences, and interviews with key informants in the region, Globalization and Health Inequities in Latin America presents a strategy that uses monitoring and evaluation practices for enhancing the capacity of Latin American and other low and middle-income countries to implement sustainable processes to foster inclusiveness, equity, social justice and human rights.


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Chronomics and Continuous Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring: Vascular Chronomics

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Apr 262018

This fascinating volume applies the concept of chronomics to the medical treatment of hypertension. It starts with the recent updates on chronomics, the analytic techniques, and their application to community-based assessments. The authors advocate the use of 7-day/24-h records of blood pressure, which is effective for finding masked hypertension, masked morning surge, and other rhythm abnormalities. Most organisms, from cyanobacteria to mammals, are known to use the circadian mechanism. However, our body systems also demonstrate circaseptan (roughly weekly), circannual (roughly yearly), and even longer rhythms. Chronomics monitors the physiological data and then analyzes the superimposed rhythms, isolating the cycles mathematically to determine how organisms and their environment interact. It is the study of interactions among time structures (chronomes) in and around us.


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Evidence-based Research Methods for Chinese Medicine

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Apr 262018

This book is a practical guide to the evidence-based medicine (EBM) research methods that are applicable to Chinese medicine (CM). It includes 3 parts: clinical research, healthcare data research and laboratory research. In each chapter, it explains how to acquire, analyze and evaluate a specific kind of CM research result. Authors exemplify the most important methods with successful cases in transforming reliable data into new knowledge of CM. This book emphasizes the requirements for CM researchers to design and conduct CM studies by following the best available principles, standards and guidelines.
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Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression

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Apr 232018

One in two people in the developed world will experience depression in their lifetime. This book is aimed at the millions suffering mild-to-moderate depression as well as those who want to protect themselves against persistent low moods.

It explains key strategies to help you not only overcome depression but also reduce the chances of it occurring or recurring. As you practise the simple yet highly-effective exercises that positive psychologist Miriam Akhtar suggests, you will find your mood lifts naturally, your confidence, resilience, positivity and strength grow, and your outlook becomes more optimistic. These strategies come not only from the author’s professional practice as a positive psychologist and coach, but also her background as someone who has suffered from depression herself.

The book begins by explaining the principles of Positive Psychology, which is the scientific study of optimal functioning – what it takes to feel good, function well and flourish. It then goes on to focus on how its simple but profound techniques, from savouring positive events, consciously expressing gratitude for everyday experiences, practising meditation, and working on developing optimism and cultivating resilience in the face of difficulties, can help to prevent depression arising or, if you are already experiencing the blues, reduce your symptoms and allow the sun to shine on your life once more. Throughout the book she brings these concepts to life by providing real-life case studies that show you how you can work her ideas into your daily routine.


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Clinician’s Manual on Restless Legs Syndrome, Second Edition

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Apr 222018

Information-packed, pocket-sized guide is ideal for busy physicians and trainees working in a clinical setting
Contains evidence-based overview of treatment options, including recent trials and major drug developments
Full color images and figures enhance and encourage clinical application of vital information presented in the book

Written by renowned expert in the field, this handbook is an clinically relevant introduction to restless legs syndrome. Comprised of evidence-based recommendations for diagnosis, treatment and long-term disease management, this publication is an ideal educational resource for busy medical professionals and trainees who wish to become more familiar with this relatively common condition. International treatment guidelines and recent drug developments are also included in this concise yet comprehensive overview of the management of restless legs syndrome.


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New Horizons in Patient Safety

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Apr 222018

This case studies book is an indispensable resource for educators, students, and practitioners of nursing. It is innovative in its application of lessons from the communication sciences to common challenges in the delivery of safe patient care. The authors apply basic tenets of human communication to the context of nursing to provide a foundation for practices that can advance the safety and quality of care. The cases, which describe “”close calls”” and adverse events, are organized along the continuum of healthcare delivery, providing quick access to solutions in commonly encountered care situations. Each case is accompanied by a discussion of how skillful communication can be key to preventing and recovering from errors and adverse events. Thought-provoking discussion questions and references for further reading make this book a valuable reference for nursing educators, students, and practitioners across the world.

This book provides essential insights and experiential learning for practitioners, undergraduate and graduate students of nursing. If adopted broadly in schools of nursing, it can make a huge impact on improving patient safety. –Patricia Benner, R.N., Ph.D., FAAN, Professor, Emerita, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of California, San Francisco clinical practice

About the Author
Annegret F. Hannawa, Lugano, Switzerland Anne Wendt, River Forest, USA.


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Sleep Medicine

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Apr 182018

Sleep is an activity that is exhibited by virtually all animal species, but our understanding of its true function remains unclear. What is better understood are the effects on a range of human and animal biological systems when sleep is degraded or curtailed. These effects are observed in the form of sleep loss and sleep disorders.

This textbook describes the basic physiology of sleep and the range of sleep disorders and their consequences. Importantly, an overview of the impact of sleep and its disorders on human functioning across organs, systems, and physiological states is provided. These often prove to be bi-directional interactions that obscure direct cause and effect relationships and challenge our ability to understand the consequences of sleep decrements. Despite an explosion of knowledge and emerging respect for the importance of sleep to human health, much remains to be understood about it and the full effects of its derangements.

Although much of the material presented is internationally applicable, the book is written from an Australasian perspective. Over the last thirty years in particular, significant contributions to sleep medicine have come from Australia and New Zealand; achievements from these countries in physiology, clinical research, and biotechnology, feature prominently. Public health and community prevalence of sleep disorders similarly focus on Australasia, with relevant comparisons to the international setting.

Those seeking a broad understanding of sleep medicine – emerging sleep clinicians, tertiary students in health sciences and psychology – will find the book invaluable. Chapters convey essential concepts and principles without exhaustive detail. Where appropriate, further reading is referenced. In several chapters, an expert overview is provided of more complex areas – neurobiology of sleep, genetics, functions of sleep, and disorders of breathing during sleep – that will challenge those already proficient in sleep medicine.

A/Professor Darren R Mansfield, Deputy Director, Monash Lung and Sleep, head, Monash Health Sleep Unit, Director, Epworth Sleep Centre, Melbourne.
Professor Nick Antic, until his death shortly before publication of this book, Clinical Director, Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health.
Shantha M W Rajaratnam, Professor of Sleep and Circadian Medicine, School of Psychological Sciences, Monash University, Melbourne.
Matthew T Naughton, head, General Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Alfred Hospital, adjunct professor of medicine, Monash University, Melbourne.




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