Head, Neck and Thyroid Surgery: An Introduction and Practical Guide

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Jul 252020

This book covers the clinical approach to managing head and neck pathology as it presents to the otolaryngology department. Including cervical lymphadenopathy, salivary gland disease, oral, oropharyngeal, laryngeal and hypopharyngeal lesions as well as thyroid and parathyroid diseases. Each chapter presents an evidence-based, practical, and user-friendly approach to assessing, investigating and managing these patients



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Current Diagnosis and Treatment Surgery, 15th Edition (April 2020 Release)

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Jul 242020

Evidence-based, point-of-care information on the full scope of diseases and disorders most often treated by surgeons

    • •  Expansive coverage of general surgery and all subspecialties you need to be versed in, including otolaryngology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, urology, oncology, organ transplantation, and pediatric surgery
    • •  Intuitively organized to help you find answers quickly and easily
    • •  More than 600 photographs and illustrations
    • •  Detailed treatment algorithms
    • •  Concise overview of core topics in the general surgery curriculum
    • •  Hundreds of chapter-ending multiple-choice review questions
  • •  Updated throughout with the latest research and discoveries



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Oxford Handbook of Operative Surgery

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Jul 232020

For its third edition, this handbook has been fully revised and rewritten for the renowned Oxford Medical Handbook series. Including comprehensive coverage of all common surgical specialties and operations, it fully integrates practical advice on pre-operative procedure, equipment, step-by step surgical procedures, common techniques, and tips and tricks from over thirty experienced specialist surgeons.
With over three hundred detailed practical diagrams and images to assist your understanding and packed with step-by-step, concise, and clear expert advice, you can be confident that this handbook will be your essential guide to all aspects of operative surgery.
Providing an overview of modern operative surgical practice the Oxford Handbook of Operative Surgery will enable all surgeons, whether they are just starting out or posessing many years’ experience, to prepare fully and be confident in observing, assisting or performing across the wide variety of surgical operations. Fully up to date and reflecting current practice and guidelines, it provides an essential complement to the highly successful Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery.



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Surgical Intensive Care Medicine, Third Edition

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Jul 202020


“This is the third edition of a comprehensive book on critical care issues pertinent to the surgical patient. … The audience most likely to benefit is senior trainees or junior faculty members seeking one of the reviews in this book. … Chapters are clearly written and reference lists have been updated to reflect citations dating to within two years of publication.” (David J. Dries, Doody’s Book Reviews, November, 2016)

From the Back Cover

This third edition text has been largely rewritten to include the many important advances that have been made and the controversies that have arisen in the past years. New topics have been added including Oxygen Transport, Tissue Oxygenation Evaluation, Echocardiography in the Critically Ill, Bedside Ultrasonography, Critical Care Issues in Oncological Surgery Patients, Long-Term Outcome after Intensive Care, Therapeutic Hypothermia, Delirium, and Post-Operative Gastrointestinal Dysfunction. Chapters are written by high-quality contributors, many of whom are nationally and internationally recognized researchers, speakers, and practitioners in Critical Care Medicine. Another important feature of this edition is the geographical diversity of its authors, including notable contributions from colleagues in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Surgical Intensive Care Medicine, Third Edition provides a comprehensive, state-of-the art review of the field, and will serve as a valuable resource for medical students, residents, critical care fellows in training, surgeons, anesthesiologists and physicians caring for the critically ill.


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Reconstructive Surgery: Anatomy, Technique, and Clinical Application

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Jul 192020

In Reconstructive Surgery: Anatomy, Technique, and Clinical Applications, Drs. Zenn and Jones pay full deference to Mathes and Nahai’s original contribution to the field while adding their own considerable expertise to this topic. The authors are assisted by a select group of internationally recognized contributors who provide expert commentary on clinical cases. Together, these leading surgeons share their vast experience and insights on techniques for reconstructing all anatomic regions. This two-volume set features superb medical illustrations that depict important flap anatomy as well as the step-by-step surgical technique for each of the operations described.



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Contemporary Periodontal Surgery: An Illustrated Guide to the Art Behind the Science

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Jul 172020

This book aims to provide adn evidence-based and highly illustrative approach to a comprehensive repertoire of surgical procedures, including: basic principles, resective surgery, regenerative techniques and periodontal/peri-implant plastic surgery. It emphasises the importance of case selection and planning to successful outcomes and extols the benefits of microsurgical instrumentation. The distinction netween periodontal and other forms of oral surgery is made, principally that in periodontal surgery, the contour and quality of the tissues post-operatively is vital to longer-term success and therefore careful soft tissue management is pivotal.


1. Principles and Practice of Periodontal Surgery 1: Case Selection and Planning

2. Principles and Practice of Periodontal Surgery 2: Basic Surgical Principles

3. Surgical Management of Gingival Overgrowth

4. Access Flaps for Surgical Root Surface Debridement

5. Regenerative Periodontal Techniques

6. Periradicular Surgery

7. Resective Hard Tissue Surgery

8. Crown-lengthening Surgery

9. Mucogingival Grafting Procedures An Overview

10. Hard Tissue Surgery (Ridge Augmentation) for Dental Implants

11. Soft Tissue Surgery Around Dental Implants



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Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery Edition 2

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Jul 172020

A fully updated second edition of this well-illustrated guide to advanced surgical procedures in periodontology
Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery, Second Edition is a step-by-step guide to cutting-edge surgical techniques and interdisciplinary treatment approaches in periodontology. Written by leading experts in the field, the book provides solutions to complex daily dental challenges with innovative approaches to each treatment modality. Procedures are described in a practical and accessible style, highlighting complex and advanced procedures using a highly illustrated visual format.
This expanded edition includes three new chapters that cover IV sedation, digital technologies in clinical restorative dentistry, and advanced implant therapies in the esthetic zone post extraction. Well balanced and solidly grounded in the science, this reference work is an indispensable resource for the practitioner of advanced dentistry. This important guide:
• Offers an easy-to-use, practical step-by-step format
• Contains clinical photographs that detail the surgical procedures presented
• Reviews the most advanced techniques in periodontal surgery and their integration with digital treatment planning and workflow
• Discusses the pros and cons for each procedure, as well as limitations and potential complications
• Features video clips illustrating key points in the procedures described on a companion website
Written for periodontists, periodontal residents and general or restorative dentists, this revised edition of Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery is a practical and complete clinical manual filled with illustrations for easy reference.
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Anesthesia for Otolaryngologic Surgery

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Jul 082020

Anesthesia for Otolaryngologic Surgery offers a comprehensive synopsis of the anesthetic management options for otolaryngologic and bronchoscopic procedures. Authored by world authorities in the fields of anesthesiology and otolaryngology, both theoretical concepts and practical issues are addressed in detail, providing literature-based evidence wherever available and offering expert clinical opinion where rigorous scientific evidence is lacking. A full chapter is dedicated to every common surgical ENT procedure, as well as less common procedures such as face transplantation. Clinical chapters are enriched with case descriptions, making the text applicable to everyday practice. Chapters are also enhanced by numerous illustrations and recommended anesthetic management plans, as well as hints and tips that draw on the authors’ extensive experience. Comprehensively reviewing the whole field, Anesthesia for Otolaryngologic Surgery is an invaluable resource for every clinician involved in the care of ENT surgical patients, including anesthesiologists, otolaryngologists and pulmonologists.





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The Washington Manual of Surgery (8th Edition) – October 2019 Release

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Jul 042020

Written by teams of Washington University residents and faculty, The Washington Manual® of Surgery, 8th Edition, focuses on the essential information you need to know, providing concise, high-yield content that covers the broad spectrum of patient care in general surgery. In one convenient, portable resource, you’ll find practical information on all surgical subspecialties (thoracic, GI, colorectal, cardiac, vascular, breast, trauma, critical care, and more)—all at your fingertips for quick review and reference. This bestselling manual is an excellent source of expert guidance for surgical residents, attendings, medical students, and others who provide care for patients with surgical disease.

  • Presents information in a succinct, consistent, outline format that conveys the most important diagnostic and management information for a given topic.
  • Features new chapters on Radiology, Trauma Resuscitation and Adjuncts, and Intraoperative Considerations.
  • Includes more clinical algorithms of disease work-up, diagnosis, and management, as well as updated board-style questions in every chapter.
  • Covers the latest advances in surgical technique, instrumentation, and standards of practice, including more information on HIPEC and new coverage of the pregnant patient.
  • Provides updated references for readers who would like additional information on a particular topic.
  • Written by faculty and residents from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, one of the world’s top surgical training programs.



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The ABSITE Review (6th Edition) – 2019 Release

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Jul 032020

The first outline-style ABSITE review book is still the best! The ABSITE Review, 6th Edition, remains your #1 choice for effective, efficient review for this critically important exam. Written in a high-yield, memory-prompting outline format, Dr. Fiser’s concise handbook covers every topic on the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination, thoroughly updated for today’s residents. It provides a rapid review of essential surgery information with sufficient explanation to build knowledge and confidence as you prepare for the ABSITE.

  • Covers every topic on the ABSITE, from basic science to clinical knowledge in general surgery and surgical subspecialties.
  • Uses a streamlined outline and list format, full-color illustrations, tables, and algorithms to facilitate quick study and rapid memorization.
  • Highlights must-know information in bold throughout the text.
  • Reflects the current ABSITE and can be used independently of other study materials.
  • Also useful for certification or recertification with a proven format that allows you to spend more time studying important facts and less time searching for them.



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