MCQs and EMQs in Surgery: A Bailey & Love Revision Guide, 2nd Edition

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Sep 062020

With over 1000 essential questions, MCQs and EMQs in Surgery is the ideal self-assessment companion guide to Bailey & Love’s Short Practice in Surgery, 26th edition. The book assists trainee surgeons as they prepare for examinations and enables them to test their knowledge of the principles and practice of surgery as outlined in Bailey & Love.


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Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patient

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Sep 042020

The book describes a practical system for the assessment and management of the surgical patient, whether on the ward, following emergency admission or operation, in the HDU or in the ICU. Surgeons in training must quickly develop their own skills to enable them to look after these patients following an emergency admission, major surgery or unexpected complication. They must also be able to function effectively with colleagues from related disciplines, particularly anaesthesia and intensive care. Critical Care is now an accepted part of surgical practice-within the last few years it has become part of postgraduate exams and more importantly, is part of everyday of the majority of surgeons.
Unlike more formal textbooks, this manual focuses on ‘what to do next’; it is therefore particularly suitable for trainee surgeons engaged in acute surgical practice, as well as those in preparation for postgraduate examinations.


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Surgical Treatment of Orthopaedic Trauma

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Sep 042020

Winner of First Prize in Orthopaedics and Rheumatology at the 2008 British Medical Association Medical Book Competition
Winner of Association of American Publishers Best Book in Clinical Medicine, 2007
This landmark multimedia reference presents the most current information on surgical treatments of a wide range of injuries, from complex pelvic and spinal trauma to periarticular fractures and knee dislocations. For each injury, the authors guide the reader from the clinical evaluation, through the decision-making process, and to the surgical procedure. Each chapter provides a thorough review of surgical anatomy, streamlined discussion of the classification of the injury, the non-operative treatments available, and the indications for surgical treatment. Concise, step-by-step descriptions of surgical techniques are supplemented by carefully edited videos of surgical procedures on four accompanying DVDs, containing over 18 hours of video footage.
Highlights of the book:
– “Tips and Tricks” summarize key points of each
procedure for rapid review in preparation for surgery

– “Exam Pearls” describe injuries, incidence,
indications for surgery, and possible complications and are ideal for board

– More than 1,400 photographs, radiographs, and
drawings illustrate techniques

– “New Techniques” sections cover the latest
innovations for surgical management

– A separate table of contents for the four DVDs and shaded text boxes throughout the book enable convenient book-to-video reference
Highlights of the DVDs:
– Narrated videos of entire surgical procedures provide
a window into the operating room—an invaluable resource for residents and
general orthopedic surgeons who do not perform trauma procedures regularly

– Coverage of state-of-the-art techniques such as
locked plating, minimally invasive fracture fixation, advanced intramedullary
nailing strategies, staged reconstruction of periarticular fractures, new
techniques for hip hemiarthroplasty, surgical management of knee dislocation,
including double bundle ACL and PCL knee reconstruction, and the use of
temporary postoperative hinged external fixation


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Advanced Surgical Recall 4th Edition

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Sep 032020

Advanced Surgical Recall provides a quick, efficient review of commonly tested information found on the ABSITE and Oral Board exams. Helpful images and drawings show important anatomical landmarks and appropriate surgical techniques. A new section, Rapid Fire Review for the ABSITE, features hundreds of quick-reference questions covering the most often tested information on the exam.


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Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Sep 022020

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a comprehensive and practical guide to performing facial surgical procedures, and contains a balance of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures that mirrors typical European practice.
It has arisen as an initiative of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS), and in accordance with this status is a comprehensive book that gives a complete update on the speciality as it is practised in Europe. The contributors have many years of clinical practice as well as research experience in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.
The book’s practical ‘how-to’ style is amply supported with excellent line illustrations and colour photographs, and serves as a comprehensive reference for surgeons in clinical practice as well as in training. Each chapter is structured within a uniform framework to increase the accessibility of the text, and in this way improves the book’s utility as a textbook for trainees.


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Surgical Anatomy of the Face

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Aug 292020

Thoroughly updated to reflect the latest refinements in operative technique, this full-color atlas provides a surgeon’s-eye view of the anatomic structures and relationships encountered during all facial surgical procedures. It features more than 100 drawings by Dr. Makielski, a head and neck surgeon, and more than 100 photographs.

This Second Edition’s brand-new chapter on embryology emphasizes congenital anomalies such as clefts and dermoid cysts. New illustrations show the surgical anatomy of endoscopic approaches and recently developed procedures, including the SOOF lift. This edition also includes more detail on the osteocutaneous and retaining ligaments and the supporting ligaments and tendons of the orbit.


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Neuro-Oncology – Neurosurgical Operative Atlas 2nd Edition

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Aug 262020

Part of the Neurosurgical Operative Atlas series, this volume presents contemporary operative procedures in neuro-oncology. It offers an accessible, step-by-step guide to the latest treatments and considerations in neuro-oncology, with extended coverage of every stage of each procedure, from patient selection, to preoperative planning, to operative techniques and post-operative management. You are provided with the most informed perspectives in the field as contributors discuss the techniques which they have themselves developed or mastered as experts in the field. Abundant artwork, much of it in full color, supplements the text and highlights critical points, making this book an exceptional clinical resource.
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Clinical Application of Computer-Guided Implant Surgery

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Aug 212020

Step-by-Step, Color Presentation of CGIP in Everyday Clinical Practice
Computer-guided implant placement (CGIP) helps clinicians precisely implement a treatment plan and accurately place implants with the use of three-dimensional interactive imaging software. The software enables the direct link between anatomic interpretation, surgical and prosthetic treatment planning, and precise surgical execution. Bone preparation, in relation to the position, angle, and depth of the implant, is guided through computerized digital procedures and patient-specific surgical guides are developed to obtain the optimum result of the insertion of implants in predetermined, prosthetically acceptable positions.
In color throughout, Clinical Application of Computer-Guided Implant Surgery covers the practical application of CGIP in a simple but detailed manner. Step by step, the book guides you on diagnosis and treatment planning, applying the specialized software, and using the necessary instruments and surgical guides. It also explores the strengths and weaknesses of CGIP and discusses literature related to the accuracy and clinical relevance of CGIP.
Using numerous images from clinical cases, this color book helps you understand the treatment pathway, radiographic guides, virtual teeth, imaging techniques, and computer software used for CGIP. The authors—experts in periodontics and image-guided surgery—describe this new philosophy in a way that you can incorporate in your daily clinical practice.


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Resident Readiness General Surgery

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Aug 042020

Resident Readiness: General Surgery prepares you for success during your surgical internship. Inside is a full range of scenarios you may experience during your residency, supported by comprehension questions with detailed answer explanations and tips to help you remember. You will also learn the clinical problem-solving process so you can think quickly on your feet, especially when time is critical. With the book’s step-by-step guidance, you will gain the confidence you need to perform at your best on Day One of your residency.


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Cataract Surgery With Phaco and Femtophaco Techniques

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Jul 292020

Cataract Surgery With Phaco and Femtophaco Techniques offers a unique insight into the evolution of phacoemulsification machines and the development of new ways to supply energy, as well as new devices that improve fluidics therefore increasing the safety of the phaco and femtophaco surgical procedures.

Dr. Lucio Buratto, Dr. Stephen Brint, and Dr. Rosalia Sorce provide a step-by-step approach to everything the surgeon must learn about the physical principles that regulate the fluidics and energy to understand the machine’s working during the surgical procedure.

Cataract Surgery With Phaco and Femtophaco Techniques covers a wide variety of topics, including anterior chamber phacoemulsification, endocapsular techniques, irrigation and aspiration, fluidics and pumps, and principles of femtosecond cataract surgery.

Supplemented by more than 300 color illustrations, diagrams, a glossary, and references, all surgeons from beginner to expert will want this unique resource by their side.


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