Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse: Impact in Children and Social Minorities

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Oct 102019

This book describes different kinds of psychological, physical and sexual maltreatment and explains their possible consequences, especially as regards quality of life, psychopathology and sexual life. The focus is specifically on the victims of abuse, who are among the more frail and vulnerable members of society.

The book examines the impacts of maltreatment of both children and social minorities, such as homosexuals and gender dysphoric individuals or those affected by disabilities and describes skills that are of value in supporting victims of maltreatment and preventing discrimination. The work will be useful to sexual medicine specialists, medical doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as graduate students in these disciplines. By fostering a better understanding of discrimination triggers and effects, it will help clinicians to provide improved support through the tailoring of therapies to the needs of maltreated individuals.





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Adolescent and Adult Sexual Assault Assessment, Second Edition

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Jul 152019

The second edition of Adolescent and Adult Sexual Assault Assessment challenges forensic examiners to refine and apply their skills in sexual assault evaluation to a series of peer-reviewed studies in the identification and analysis of case findings related to sexual assault.

Readers will have the opportunity to analyze 15 sexual assault case histories and accompanying photographs of the patients’ physical examinations. Each case history includes a set of self-directed exercises designed to guide readers through the process of identifying injuries,collecting evidence, and providing treatment recommendations and referrals.

Features and Benefits:

— 15 diverse case histories and full-color exam photos for a broad survey of sexual assault response
— Authored by nationally recognized experts in forensic nursing
— Ideal for self-directed study or group instruction
— Portable and convenient
— Written for sexual assault examiners at every level of experience, from novice to advanced





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DX RX: Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women

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Jun 212019

Dx/Rx: Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women is an essential resource for urologists, family medicine physicians, primary care practitioners, obstetricians, and gynecologists. This concise, pocket-sized guide provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on therapies for male and female sexual dysfunction. Key features include: Convenient, pocket-sized reference; Chapters on male sexual dysfunction, physiology of erection, and treatments for erectile dysfunction; Chapters on female sexual dysfunction, medical therapies, and non-invasive treatments. Presented in a handy, easy to read format, this is a must-have guide for use on the ward or in the clinic!
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The Psychology of Human Sexuality

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Mar 032019

The Psychology of Human Sexuality offers a comprehensive overview of human sexual behavior from a biopsychosocial perspective. The text highlights psychological research and theory on human sexuality whilst also considering the biological, evolutionary, social, and cultural factors that influence our sex lives.

• Features comprehensive coverage of topics including gender and sexual orientation, relationships, sexual behaviors, sexual difficulties and solutions, prostitution, and pornography
• Offers more in-depth treatment of relationships than comparable texts, with separate chapters dealing with attraction and relationship processes
• Written from a sex-positive perspective, and is inclusive and respectful of a diverse audience
• Includes numerous activities to facilitate a dynamic and interactive classroom environment





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Counseling Couples Before, During, and After Pregnancy : Sexuality and Intimacy Issues

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Oct 222018

This practical, evidence-based resource is the first available guide for health care providers and mental health professionals on advising and counseling couples and individuals who are experiencing sexual issues directly related to conception efforts, pregnancy, and the post-partum period. Authored by a noted sex therapist, the book offers providers current, accurate information about issues that can affect sexual activity surrounding pregnancy and offers proven strategies for effective counseling.

Providing a helpful framework for assessment, treatment, and when to refer a client to another health care provider, the book examines conception- and pregnancy-related sexual dysfunctions that both men and women may encounter. Underscoring the importance of maintaining a strong relationship between couples, the book is filled with practical guidance for treating both cisgender couples and the LBGT population. Also included are helpful checklists, forms, and patient handouts that can be used immediately. Couple and marriage counselors, nurse midwives, women’s health nurses, and other professionals whose practice includes work with couples and childbirth concerns, will find this book an unparalleled resource.

Key Features:

– Addresses common issues and questions women, men, and couples have regarding sex prior to, during, and after pregnancy
– Includes relevant information for both mental health professionals and health care providers in a variety of settings
– Discusses assessing and treating common sexual concerns including approaches to brief counseling
– Covers fertility issues, painful intercourse, intimacy problems, post-partum depression, reproductive loss, and traumatic labor and delivery
– Authored by a recognized sex therapist and educator





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Sexual Dysfunctions in Mentally Ill Patients

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Sep 272018

This book addresses the fundamental importance of the proper assessment and treatment of sexual disorders in patients with mental disorders with regard to their treatment outcomes and adherence to therapies.
In fact, patients with mental disorders often suffer from sexual dysfunctions and in many cases, pharmacological treatment causes sexual-dysfunction side-effects. However, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders and psychotic disorders are often also characterized by sexual symptoms that have a profound impact on sexual function.

The psychopathology of sexual behavior investigates deficits in the mind-body relationship that are expressed through sexual symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, orgasmic disorders, or lack of sexual desire. These symptoms can be considered both prodromal and as a consequence of psychological or psychiatric suffering.

Written by a multidisciplinary team of experts, this book offers a valuable guide for psychiatrists, andrologists, gynecologists and psychologists.







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Handbook of Clinical Sexuality for Mental Health Professionals

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Aug 232018

The Handbook of Clinical Sexuality for Mental Health Professionals was designed by psychiatric educators to enable all mental health professionals to more skillfully and competently treat the common sexual concerns of those who seek their help. Eminent distinguished clinicians impart clear and practical guidance about assessing and treating high prevalence problems that quietly abound in all mental health settings and present vivid clinical illustrations, illuminating explanations of their subjects, and solution-focused approaches to providing realistic care.





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Diseases and Disorders – Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Aug 112018

Sexually transmitted diseases pose one of the greatest threats to human health worldwide, in part because of the manner in which sexual issues are dealt with by society. The impact of STDs on individuals and society is driving the push for new cures and treatments as well as improved methods to prevent the spread of STDs by altering sexual behavior.





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Counselling Skills for Working with Trauma: Healing From Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Violence and Domestic Abuse

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Jun 072018

Counselling Skills for Working with Trauma is a practical, introductory guide to counselling survivors of child abuse, neglect, rape, sexual violence, sexual trafficking, religious sexual abuse, and domestic abuse.

Written in an accessible style, it provides a comprehensive introduction to complex trauma accompanied by advice on how to create a safe environment in which survivors can learn the skills to restore control over trauma symptoms, to aid healing and post traumatic growth. The book covers all of the key principles including: understanding the role of dissociation in complex trauma; the role of attachment; managing flashbacks, panic attacks, nightmares and dissociation; responding to shame and guilt; managing relationships; and the impact of working with complex trauma. It explores how practitioners can work more effectively with trauma, and offers techniques and skills which can easily be integrated into different therapeutic models.

Featuring highlighted top tips, common pitfalls and a range of exercises, this is an essential guide for all professionals working with child and adult survivors of trauma.



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ABC of Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Jun 032018

This comprehensive introduction to sexually transmitted diseases gives concise, practical information on a wide range of diseases. The text of this fifth edition is substantially rewritten, updated and illustrated with new photographs, drawings and charts.

It gives the latest guidance on presenting symptoms, diagnosis, management, and pathological problems associated with sexually transmitted diseases.

This ABC also covers the control strategies for these diseases that are used in the developing and the developed world.



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