Jan 252015

DOCTORS IN TRAINING 2014Doctors In Training can help you reach your peak potential on the USМLE Step 1 exam by providing a structured yet flexible approach for USМLE Step 1 preparation as well as guide you through the high yield information you need to know.

HDRips | FLV / AVC, ~650 kb/s | 854×480 | ~100+ hours | English: AAC, 44.1 KHz (2 ch) | + PDF Guides | 29.4 GB

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USMLE: First Aid Step 1 – Express Video Series 2012

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Aug 142014

STEP 1 USMLE 1Why choose First Aid Step 1 Express Video Series? Over 100 hours of high-yield videos explain each fact from 2011 and 2012 First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 More than 600 extra images and multimedia clips enhance First Aid instructor explanations. Exclusive 205 page color First Aid Workbook reinforces the highest yield facts when used with the video course. No talking heads – we keep you engaged with on-screen highlights and active learning questions. Study anytime, anywhere, and watch as many times as you want. 100% satisfaction and pass guarantee! See Terms and Conditions for details.. USMLERx products have already been battle-tested by thousands of users.

Behavioral Science
Hematology and Oncology
Workbooks 2011
Workbooks 2012
First Aid USMLE 2011
First Aid 2012

STEP 1 USMLE 2Flash video | MP4/AVC, ~333 kb/s | 1024×768 | Duration: 20 hours | English: AAC, 51 kb/s (2 ch) | + 2 PDF Guide | 4.48 GB

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May 142014

BMJ1This collection of clinical videos demonstrates how many procedures are to be performed. It includes many of the procedures that trainees can be expected to do or observe. These videos are an excellent resource for preparation or a refresher for performing some clinical tasks. Please keep in mind that all procedures should be appropriately supervised.

Duration: 07:30:31

BMJ2Video’s included are:

Abcess Incision and Drainage
Ankle–Brachial Index for Assessment of Peripheral Arterial Disease
Arterial Puncture for Blood Gas Analysis
Arthrocentesis of the Knee
Basic Laceration Repair
Basic Splinting Techniques
Blood Pressure Mesurement
Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy
Catheterization of the Urethra in Male Children
Central Venous Catheterization
Central Venous Placement – Subclavian Vein
Chest Tube Insertion
Clinical Evaluation of the Knee
Conscious Sedation for Minor Procedures in Adults
Diagnosing Otitis Media — Otoscopy and Cerumen Removal
Emergency Pericardiocentesis
Endometrial Biopsy
Examination of the Larynx and Pharynx
Female Urethra Catheterization
Fiberoptic Intubation
Hand Hygene
Intraosseous Catheter Placement in Children
Lumbar Punction
Male Urethra Catheterization
Nasogastric Intubation
OneNote Table Of Contents.onetoc2
Orotracheal Intubation
Pelvic Examination
Peripheral Intravenous Canulation
Placement of a Femoral Venous Catheter
Placement of an Arterial Line
Positive-Pressure Ventilation with a Face Mask and a Bag-Valve Device
Puls Oximetry
Thympanocentesis in Children with Acute Otitis Media
Ultrasound-Guided Internal Jugular Vein Cannulation
Umbilical Vascular Catheterization

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Mar 152014
emergency 1Every concerned member should watch this. Do it NOW! You won’t have the time to watch this when you need it.
+ A professionally produced 2-hour DVD featuring 22 different emergency first-aid treatments.emergency 2+ These are the same courses as taught to the US military for saving lives in combat environments.+ Features chapters and indexes for each individual course.

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Feb 172014

histopathologyProfessor John R. Minarcik is American pathologist, creator of the world’s first free real-time Global Online Medical School Pathology Course. Author of Shotgun histology, Histopathology. He is professor of pathology at the International American University, Director of Pathology Course at the Rosalind Franklin University, Clinical Instructor in Anatomy at the Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine, Visiting Clinical Professor of Pathology, American University of Antigua Medical School, Professor of Pathology at the Destiny University School of Medicine Visiting Professor of Pathology at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences, St. Kitts, Workshop Director, ASCP World Congress XXVI, Las Vegas Nevada, October 20, 2011, Teach An Entire Global Pathology Course, Lecture and Lab, Online!

Flash Video | WMV / WMV3, ~814 kb/s | 884×844 | Duration: 30:37:50 | English: WMA, 320 kb/s (2 ch)

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Sep 232013

us1High quality video learning lectures designed for medical students preparing for US licensing exam, Kaplan’s new Step 2 CK High Yield course gives you everything you need to prepare for clinical rotations and maximize your Step 2 CK score.


us4Flash Video | MPG, ~1681 kb/s | 480×352 | ~14 hours | English: MP3, 192 kb/s (1 ch) | 8.93 GB

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Aug 292013

Dr. Fox is an ultrasound fellowship-trained emergency physician who has been training emergency medicine residents at UC Irvine Medical Center since 2001. He has received numerous teaching awards from medical students and has published over 30 articles and two textbooks on the topic of bedside ultrasound. He has given talks on ultrasound in 47 states and eight countries and is a proud fellow of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. In 2003 he started a medical student rotation in ultrasound and has published two articles on its utility. The enthusiasm of his students inspired him to expand the program into the entire four years of medical school. With a generous gift from SonoSite, Inc., this curriculum is finally starting to take shape.

60xDVDRip | M4V / AVC, 419 kb/s | 1024×768 | ~32 hour | English: AAC, 132 kb/s (2 ch) | 9.71 GB

1st year Medical Student Ultrasound 1. Clinical Ultrasound I – Physics and Knobology
2. Kidney and Bladder Ultrasound
3. Gallbladder and Intestinal Ultrasound
4. Abdominal Aorta, Vena Cava, and Deep venous thrombosis US
5. Respiratory Ultrasound
6. Soft Tissue Ultrasound
7. MSK Ultrasound
8. Head and Neck
9. CF1 US Session II Cardiac
10. CF1 Cardiac session II
11. Lung Ultrasound
12. MSK Anatomical Ultrasound of Shoulder, knee, hand
13. Head and Neck Ultrasound

2nd year Medical Student Ultrasound 1. Abdominal and Renal Ultrasound
2. Pelvic and Thyroid Ultrasound
3. Pediatric Ultrasound
4. Ultrasound in Primary Care
5. Welcome Back MS2 part 1
6. Welcome Back MS2 part 2
7. US Session II Fever Eval Using Ultrasound
8. US Session III – FATE
9. US Session IV – Lung Ultrasound
10. CF2 Session V GI GU
11. CF2 Session VI Testicular and Thyroid
12. Breast Ultrasound
13. How to enter name for OSCE

3rd year Medical Student Ultrasound 1. Rapid Ultrasound in SHock

4th year Medical Student Ultrasound 2. FAST exam
4. Soft Tissue Ultrasound
5. Screening for HCM

Emergency Ultrasound 1. Rotation Orientation
2. Pelvic Ultrasound
3. Cardiac Ultrasound
4. DVT Ultrasound
5. Cardiovascular Ultrasound
6. Bladder Ultrasound
7. Kidney and Bladder
8. Pediatric Ultrasound
9. Abdominal and Renal Ultrasound
10. Soft Tissue Ultrasound
11. Shoulder Dislocation Ultrasound Trai
12. LP Instructional Video
13. Ten Ultrsaounds EVERY ER Doc Should know

Extra Ultrasound Education for Internal Medicine 1. F.A.T.E- TTE
2. Ultrasound-Pericardial Effusions and
3. IntroPulmonaryUS
4. Advanced PulmonaryUS
5. Ultrasound-Deep Vein Thrombosis
6. How to perform FAST exam
7. Ultrasound-Abdominal Scanning Techni
8. RUSH exam
9. GI GU
10. Critical Care Ultrasound Vignettes 1
11. Test Your Ultrasonography Skills!
12. Critical Care Ultrasound Vignettes 2
13. Critical Care Ultrasound Vignettes 3
14. Critical Care Ultrasound Vignettes 4
16. Ultrasound-Liver, Gall Bladder, and Pancreas
17. SE-CLiP Sonographic Evaluation of C
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Aug 192013
These are the videos from the USMLE Rx Express service, run by the folks who make First Aid. they are the same idea as Doctors in Training.

-156 videos in 17 chapters as follows :

Chapter 1 – Behavioral Science
Chapter 2 – Biochemistry
Chapter 3 – Embryology
Chapter 4 – Microbiology
Chapter 5 – Immunology
Chapter 6 – Pathology
Chapter 7 – Pharmacology
Chapter 8 – Cardiovascular
Chapter 9 – Endocrine
Chapter 10 – Gastrointestinal
Chapter 11 – Hematology and Oncology
Chapter 12 – Musculoskeletal
Chapter 13 – Neurology
Chapter 14 – Psychiatry
Chapter 15 – Renal
Chapter 16 – Reproductive
Chapter 17 – Respiratory

– Workbooks 2011 (17 PDFs)
– Workbooks 2012 (17 .txt files)

The official website for these lecture videos is http://www.usmlerx.com/content/first-aid-step-1-express-video
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Ophthalmology Eye Video Lectures by Dr. Tim Root

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Aug 192013

Ophthalmology Video Lectures presented by Dr. Tim Root.

Have full motion video animation that makes things easier to learn. Here you find such topics:

The Exploding Eye

Loose Lens Retinoscopy

The Slit Lamp Exam

Comparative Eye Anatomy

Tropias versus Phorias

Optics Shmoptics

Intro to Cataracts and Modern Surger

Twenty Eye Tricks

Eye Trauma

Pediatric Eye Exam Tips

Cataract Surgery Animation

Video 1 – History and Physical Exam

Video 2 – Eye Anatomy

Video 3 – Glaucoma

Video 4 – Retina

Video 5 – Eye Infections

Video 6 – Neuro Ophthalmology Part 1

Video 6 – Neuro Ophthalmology Part 2

Video 7 – Pediatric Ophthalmology

Video 8 – Eye Trauma

Video 9 – Eye Trauma


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Aug 182013

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