Jan 172022

Handbook of Clinical Techniques in Pediatric Dentistry

The Second Edition of the Handbook of Clinical Techniques in Pediatric Dentistry features updated and expanded information on pediatric clinical dentistry, including eight new chapters written by educators with special interest in each topic. Since publication of the first edition, non-invasive treatment is at the forefront of pediatric dental care, and the new edition reflects this, with multiple options and techniques for non-invasive treatment. The book is filled with photographs for improved understanding and guidance through the procedures described.

The book is an easy-to-read guide to clinical pediatric dentistry with practical evidence-based information for dental students, assistants, hygienists, residents in both general dentistry and specialty training, and general and pediatric dentists. Handbook of Clinical Techniques in Pediatric Dentistry is a valuable resource for assuring excellence in care for our youngest patients.

Key Features

  • Presents step-by-step clinical instruction for pediatric procedures
  • Features eight new chapters, including non-invasive clinical techniques, trauma to primary incisors, caries-risk assessment, oral pathology, interceptive orthodontics, esthetics, sleep disordered breathing, infant examination, and treating the special needs patient
  • Offers more than 600 clinical and radiographic photographs
  • Provides practical information and guidance for clinical practice in pediatrics





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Jan 172022

Oxford Assess and Progress: Clinical Dentistry features over 270 Single Best Answer questions. Written and peer-reviewed by clinicians working within each specialty and mapped to dental school curricula, this is an authoritative guide for dental students providing a wealth of revision.

Organised by specialties, chapter introductions unlock difficult subjects with hints and tips. Each question is accompanied by detailed answers explaining the rationale behind right and wrong answers. Cross-references to the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry and further reading resources,
expand your revision further. A four star rating system indicating question difficulty to monitor your progress as you learn. Key words also help highlight specific clues or words that can assist with recall.

Oxford Assess and Progress: Clinical Dentistry is your prescription for exam succcess.





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Clinical Guide to Oral Diseases 1st Edition

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Dec 142021

A quick reference and revision guide on the most common oral and perioral diseases seen in clinical practice

Clinical Guide to Oral Diseases is a concise reference on the common diseases encountered in daily practice. Presenting a large selection of clinical cases, this user-friendly resource covers a range of oral and perioral lesions located in hard and soft tissues of the mouth and neck, as well as oral manifestations of various systemic diseases. Nearly 300 high-quality color images complement succinct descriptions of clinical cases seen in both community and hospital care settings.

Divided into three parts, the text first covers oral lesions classified by their color, appearance, and symptomatology such as bleeding, disturbances of saliva, taste, and orofacial pain. Part two describes the most common oral lesions by location, including those in the buccal mucosae, floor of mouth, gingivae and jaws, lips, neck, palate, salivary glands, tongue, and teeth. The third part encompasses oral lesions that are normal variations or those common to specific age groups or associated with various clinical phenomena.

  • Provides nearly 300 high-quality clinical photos and relevant questions to help lead readers to the proper diagnosis of common oral diseases
  • Contains concise tables relevant to each chapter with a list of common oral lesions and conditions
  • Offers MCQs of varying levels of difficulty to help readers test their knowledge in Oral Medicine
  • Includes clinical flow charts according to the location and duration of oral lesions
  • Incorporates the ICD-10 Codes of oral lesions and diseases

Clinical Guide to Oral Diseases is a valuable reference for general dental and medical practitioners, undergraduate dental students, and postgraduate trainees in oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, periodontology as well as general pathology, dermatology or head and neck oncology.





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Preadjusted Edgewise Fixed Orthodontic Appliances: Principles and Practice 1st Edition

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Nov 152021

Explore the possibilities of preadjusted edgewise appliances in orthodontics with this essential resource

Preadjusted Edgewise Fixed Orthodontic Appliances: Principles and Practice comprehensively covers the increasingly popular preadjusted edgewise technique in orthodontics.

The book integrates clinical practice and research findings, focusing on the biomechanics and clinical management of patients with preadjusted edgewise appliances. A unique learning resource for specialists and trainees in orthodontics, the book is highly illustrated and broad in scope, covering everything from informed patient consent to clinical techniques to information about how to manage patient malocclusions. Core topics include:

A thorough introduction to the principles of treatment planning, orthodontic biomechanics, anchorage, informed patient consent, and the dentolegal aspects of orthodontic treatment
An exploration of the preadjusted edgewise appliance, including bracket design, bracket placement, orthodontic bonding and debonding, archwires, mini-implants (TADs) and auxiliaries
Comprehensive description of the stages of treatment with preadjusted edgewise appliances, including alignment and levelling, controlled space closure, finishing and retention
Information on the management of the major malocclusions (Class II, Class III, anterior open bite, deep overbite and transverse problems) with preadjusted edgewise appliances
Perfect for postgraduate dentists undergoing specialist training in orthodontics, specialist practitioners, and hospital consultant orthodontists, Preadjusted Edgewise Fixed Orthodontic Appliances: Principles and Practice will also be useful to dentists with a special interest in orthodontics, orthodontic therapists, and orthodontic nurses who seek a comprehensive manual of the most popular fixed orthodontic appliance technique.





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Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry (Clinical Cases (Dentistry)) 2nd Edition

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Nov 152021

Maintaining the original popular format enjoyed by so many readers, this Second Edition features comprehensive updates to all 66 cases to include the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques.  Each chapter also includes brand-new cases, for a total of 13 entirely new cases.  The most current references to the literature, best practices, and evidence based clinical guidelines, plus new and updated self‐assessment questions with detailed answers and explanations, have been added to all the cases.

This second edition maintains the same aim of presenting actual clinical cases to question and educate the reader on pediatric dentistry, using a clear, concise, and consistent format to offer a case history, diagnostics and treatment plans for each case.   Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry, Second Edition is based on the most current evidence, with standards of care and policies as adopted by relevant associations and societies.  This important resource:

  • Presents updated content, clinical guidelines, and references in existing cases, with thirteen brand new case scenarios
  • Takes an easy-to-follow format, with patient history and diagnostics, questions, and answers, and explanations for each case
  • Part of the “Clinical Cases” series applying both theory and practice to actual clinical cases
  • Includes access to a companion website featuring additional case studies, charts, tables, web links, and the figures from the book in PowerPoint

Presenting real-world cases that encompass all-important areas of pediatric dentistry, Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry, Second Edition is an essential resource for pre-doctoral dental students, post-graduate residents, and pediatric dentists preparing for board examinations and recertification. It’s also an excellent guide for students and faculty in pediatric dentistry departments, as well as practicing pediatric dentists and family dentists.





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Essentials of Endodontics 2nd Edition

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Nov 042021

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SBAs and EMQs for Human Disease (Medicine) in Dentistry 1st Edition

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Sep 182021

A key revision resource for dental undergraduates and foundation dentists, SBAs and EMQs for Human Disease (Medicine) in Dentistry is also suitable for qualified practitioners undertaking professional development and learning about the medical context of dentistry.

Featuring 200 high quality SBAs and EMQs, the questions mirror the format of university and professional assessments and are based on real-life clinical scenarios. Questions are designed to test the recognition of oral and systemic symptoms, selection of appropriate investigations and management, as well as to foster development of clinical problem-solving skills for future practice. The book promotes formative learning by incorporating answers, rationale, detailed explanations, and further
reading sources for every question.

Written by expert clinical teachers, the questions are mapped to specific learning outcomes for the Medicine (Human Disease) in Dentistry course (also referred to as Human Health and Disease (HHD) and Clinical Human Health and Disease (CHHD)) as outlined in the General Dental Council’s (GDC’s) Preparing for Practice document.

A valuable resource full of comprehensive practice questions, this book is a key assessment tool for all those studying dentistry.







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Pediatric Dentistry 3rd ed 2018

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Sep 132021










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Manual of oral surgery

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Sep 042021

Oral surgery, Dental extractions, Impacted teeth, Surgical endodontics, Cysts of the jaws, Salivary glands, Implant surgery, Minor preprosthetic surgery, Oral frenula, Dentoalveolar trauma





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Sleep Medicine for Dentists: A Practical Overview

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Sep 012021

Dentists are often the first medical practitioners to encounter patient reports or clinical evidence of disorders such as sleep apnea, sleep bruxism, and sleep-disrupting orofacial pain, providing them a unique opportunity to prevent the development or persistence of conditions that strongly impact their patients lives. Since the first publication of this seminal book, significant advances have been made in the field of sleep medicine, and this updated edition gathers all of this new evidence-based knowledge and presents it in focused, concise chapters. Leading experts in medicine and dentistry explain the neurobiologic mechanisms of sleep and how they can be affected by breathing disorders, bruxism, and pain, along the way guiding dental practitioners in performing their specific responsibilities for screening, treating, and often referring patients as part of a multidisciplinary team of physicians. An emphasis is placed on research findings regarding newly emerging cognitive behavioral approaches to treatment that mitigate some of the risks associated with pharmacologic and oral appliance therapies. Readers will find this book both fascinating and clinically important as they strive to provide the best possible treatment to patients with these complex and often life-threatening disorders. 40 illustrations Contents: Introduction to Dental Sleep, Medicine Sleep Breathing Disorders, Sleep Bruxism: From Oral Behavior to Disorder, Sleep and Orofacial Pain





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