Jul 282021

This book Bedside Clinics in Surgery provides a comprehensive coverage of all the updated information on surgery. The second edition of this book is thoroughly revised and the author has included two new sections on surgical anatomy and operative surgery. A mentoring approaches with exceptional narration makes this book a masterpiece for bedside learning of surgery. This book will serve as ready reckoner for preparation for practical examination in surgery undergraduate students. This book contains 10 sections; Long and Short Cases, Surgical Problems, X-rays, Surgical Pathology, Preoperative Preparations, Minor Surgical Procedures, Instruments, and Operative Surgery and Surgical Anatomy. Each section is further divided into various chapters to make the reader understand the concepts clearly. The addition of two new sections; surgical anatomy and an expanded section on Operative surgery will help the students prepare for the undergraduate examinations and also the postgraduate students. Richly illustrated, this book includes more than 1,000 figures. Color photographs are used to demonstrate clinical signs and the instruments required for laparoscopic surgery. The schematic diagrams in instrument section, in the previous edition, have been replaced by actual photographs.





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