Feb 212021

Mastery of pharmacokinetics is more important than ever.

To exercise the best possible judgment in patient care, medication plans should be selected for the maximum efficacy and safety for each individual patient.

Be confident in your approach with ASHP’s Basic & Applied Pharmacokinetics Self Assessment, a new resource from John E. Murphy, author of ASHP’s Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Fifth Edition, which offers questions and exercises with answers and detailed solutions to help gauge your understanding.

Whether you are a student, a new pharmacist, or a long-time practitioner, it is essential that you not only acquire and maintain your therapeutic knowledge, but also stay on top of new developments in pharmacokinetics.

This is a valuable review book designed to test skills for using equations and the application of pharmacokinetic parameters. It is the perfect book to review content you have learned and practiced, in addition to learning new areas not previously covered in your training.

As an added feature, the YouTube channel, Basic & Applied Pharmacokinetics Self Assessment Videos, is available as a complementary companion to the book, which includes a library of videos created by John Murphy to help you through the major pain points and help further support your self assessment.



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