Nov 242021

This clinical atlas consists of both a DVD and companion text that cover basic classifications and definitions of seizures and epilepsy, EEG technology and clinical EEG before proceeding to the key content of EEG traces and video samples.

The DVD allows you to view the EEG tracing in action, with a side-by-side video of a patient during the ictal phase. The accompanying text concisely covers the key principles, scope, limitations, diagnostic importance, and prognostic relevance for each interpretation.

  • DVD allows viewing of EEG tracing in action – during the seizure – alongside video of patient during inter-ictal phase (while seizure is occurring)
  • Adult and pediatric patients
  • Emphasizes the clinical applications of EEG and its diagnostic capabilities.
  • Edited and written by experts who discuss the principles, scope, limitations, diagnostic importance, prognostic relevance, and complications for each interpretation



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