Jun 262021

The aim of this atlas book is to focus on the critical care. Critical Care Medicine is a very demanding specialty. It is also rapidly developing and evolving. It is an extremely dynamic field of medicine with a very hectic pace. This book consists of 8 sections that include airway management, respiratory system, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, trauma, microbiology, and miscellaneous. Traditionally, the compilation of the training material was collected in textbooks and the textbooks consisted of chapters of written words. With the decline of attention spans of readers and the available time, the need for pictorial assistance has increased. The book has 26 chapters with 1000 images. Visual images always leave a long impression on the mind and their recollection is better. With critical care services increasing exponentially in India and the atmosphere against high end medicine in public and political circles, this book will certainly help in educating critical care and other specialty doctors regarding this vast and expanding field.





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