May 092018

In its expanded second edition, this chronology examines the effects of epidemic illness and death on human culture from 2700 BCE to 2017. Entries summarize incidents of contagion across the globe, including symptoms, treatment, prevention and demographics, as well as biographical information on notable people who identified and battled disease. Entries feature citations from personal and public documents along with maps, charts comparing types of infection, and estimated populations affected by each epidemic.

“This chronology offers researchers a basic overview of the prevalence of disease during specific historical periods…. Scurvy, black lung, tuberculosis, and unknown contagious infections described in ancient writings receive entries along with better known scourges such as smallpox, plague, and HIV/AIDS.” – Booklist

“this fascinating book is an impressive collection of information that has been finely distilled into a 420-page chronology…the index is invaluable…absorbing…useful glossary…particularly useful to anyone doing preliminary research on a historical disease or epidemic…highly recommended” – Reference Reviews



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