Anatomy Physiology

Workbook to Accompany Understanding Anatomy & Physiology: A Visual, Auditory, Interactive Approach, 2nd edition

Here’s the ideal companion to Understanding Anatomy & Physiology: A Visual, Interactive Approach, 2nd Edition –OR –as a stand-alone guide to reinforce A&P concepts.

Hands-on activities make mastering A&P easier and fun!

This workbook is packed with unique learning activities including…
Puzzle It Out—Complete the crossword puzzles.
Conceptualize in Color—Color figures from the book.
Lists for Learning—Fill-in-the-blanks to compile lists.
Make a Connection—Unscramble words and then draw lines to connect each word to the appropriate statement.
Drawing Conclusions—Two activities in one…color or draw figures while you also complete another activity.
Fill in the Gaps—Fill-in-the-blanks to complete the sentences.
Just the Highlights—Uses different color highlighters to group statements correctly.
Describe the Process—Fill-in-the-blank lines for the student to describe a physiological process using visual clues.
Sequence of Events—Place statements about a physiological process in the proper sequence; fill-in-the blank lines to write the process events.

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