Understanding Anatomy & Physiology 2e: A Visual, Auditory, Interactive Approach 2nd Edition

    • Overview of the body, including chemical and cellular structures.


    • Body-system organization, grouped by function.


    • A focus on visual appeal—perfect for all reading levels and preferences.


    • Rich, comprehensive coverage providing a firm foundation in anatomy & physiology.


  • Consistent pedagogical features in each chapter, including…
      • “That Makes Sense” boxes offer mnemonics, practical example, and hints to help you remember key information.
      • “Fast Facts” offer interesting points relating to the body system covered in the chapter.
      • “Life Lesson” boxes use clinical examples to show how anatomy and physiology relate to daily living.
      • “Review of Terms” defines key words at the end of each chapter.
      • Multiple-choice review questions.
      • “Learning Target” exercises help students reinforce what they learned in each chapter.
    • “The Body AT WORK” explains how specific physiological processes work.



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