Ultrasound in Critical Care

This book focuses on ultrasound in critical care. Over the past 30 years, ultrasound has moved from the exclusive domain of the cardiologist and radiologist, to many other specialist disciplines. The critical care specialties such as anesthesiology, intensive care and emergency medicine have been the leaders in the adoption of clinical ultrasound outside of cardiology and radiology laboratories. Knowledge and practice of ultrasound in critical care is expanding at very rapid pace. This book cover the chapters, which are discussed on point of care ultrasound, basic physics of ultrasound and the Doppler phenomenon, ultrasound for vascular access, airway ultrasound, lung ultrasound, chest ultrasound in acute respiratory distress syndrome, ultrasonography in cardiac evaluation, volume status assessment and predicting volume responsiveness, ultrasound in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, ultrasound-guided therapeutic procedures in intensive care unit, ultrasonography in neurocritical care, focused assessment sonography of trauma, blue, falls, and sesame protocol, and ultrasound of diaphragm. This textbook is invaluable for emergency physicians, general physicians, intensivists, pulmonologists and anesthetists those practicing cardiac critical care, neurocritical care, trauma critical care, trauma emergency departments at all levels. This book will also serve as handbook for those already in practice and for those engaged in teaching of the subject.



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